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Least Known European Folk Metal Bands

Updated on January 7, 2015
Folk Art Skull
Folk Art Skull | Source

Folk Metal represents a very narrow genre of heavy music, but it nevertheless offers a lot of room for experiments for musicians through the use of classical and ethnic musical instruments combined with electric guitars and drums. Having existed for several decades, the area of Folk Metal music produced a huge amount of musicians, many of which are still unknown to some listeners. The current hub includes only full length albums of the artists, for more detailed information please visit the bands' websites.


Glittertind are a Norwegian mixture of folk-punk, folk-metal and viking metal. The band was established in 2001 by Torbjørn Sandvik. Most of the songs are catchy upbeat tavern melodies, that sound close to, lets say, Alestorm with the main difference that the latter sing mostly about pirates, while Glittertind's songs are a lot about the Viking era. Most of the songs are in Norwegian, with only a few being in English. The band often uses folk instruments like flute and accordion.


  • Evige Asatro (2004)
  • Til Dovre Faller (2005)
  • Evige Asatro / Til Dovre Faller 2CD (2009)
  • Landkjenning (2009)
  • Djevelsvart (2013)


Coming from Germany, Wolfchant bring into masses epic viking metal tunes and rhythms with black metal vocals mixed with clean chanting (especially in choruses). Very energetic and powerful music. Some acoustic guitar passages are present, especially in their latest record, Embraced by Fire, which sounds a bit different from its predecessors: it can be rather defined as symphonic power black metal. Embraced by Fire is an excellent album that will appeal to both lovers of folk and European power metal.


  • The Fangs of the Southern Death (2004)
  • The Herjan Trilogy (EP) (2004)
  • Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands (2005)
  • A Pagan Storm (2007)
  • Determined Damnation (April 24, 2009)
  • Call Of The Black Winds (2011)
  • Embraced by Fire (2013)


I would call them a Russian alternative to Finntroll. With frequent use of accordeon and rhythms similar to humppa, they are a decent competitor to the music of their Finnish brothers in arms. SatanaKozel sing exclusively in Russian. The band has released two studio albums so far and after a short break announced recording of their next release in 2013.


  • Solntse Mertvyh (2008)
  • Rogatyja (2010)

Kivimetsän Druidi

The band has so far produced only two albums, but there is definitely strong potential in the music. Combining atmospheric symphonic metal with growling and clean female vocals and folk tunes (they stand somewhere between Epica and Moonsorrow), Kivimetsän Druidi are a decent competition to their brothers in arms. The mixtures of clean passages and extreme vocals are pretty well balanced, creating a smooth atmosphere within both albums.


  • Shadowheart (2008)
  • Betrayal, Justice, Revenge (2010)


The band's name is coming from the name of Gaelic kingdom that once existed on the territory of Scotland and partly Ireland. Dalriada may be unknown to general audience, since their songs are in Hungarian but nevertheless it is a decent band with several solid recordings and high chart positions for some of the albums. Their songs are mostly driven by female vocals, but there is also a lot of chanting including clean male voices.


  • Fergeteg (2004)
  • Jégbontó (2006)
  • Kikelet (2007)
  • Szelek (2008)
  • Arany-album (2009)
  • Ígéret (2011)
  • Napisten Hava (2012)

Les Batards Du Nord

A very interesting mixture of folk and rock music. I would not call it metal, for they seem to prefer clean acoustic arrangements to heavy riffing, but there is a great deal of energy in their songs. The band sings mostly in French, but the music can definitely appeal to many listeners.


  • Le Fer, la Mer et la Biere (2005)
  • La Terre Nous Appelle (2008)
  • Levons la Corne (2010)


Formed in 2006 in France, the band brings the audience a heavy mixture of black metal (especially in terms of vocals) and folk with viking metal lyrics. Many songs start with catchy acoustic folk tunes before they blast off with heavy epic riffs. Despite France being their homeland, the band mostly sings in English.


  • Svingeheim (2009)
  • Alpha (2012)
  • Hreidd (2014)


Coming from Barcelona, the young Northland stay true to European Folk/Viking metal roots. There is a lot of death metal vocals with catchy tunes played on ethnic instruments, while acoustic guitars and clean vocals are added every now and then. Do not be fooled by their origin: with two full length albums released, they are as epic as true vikings of the North (as can be also seen from the name of the band).


  • Northland (2010)
  • Downfall and Rebirth (2015)


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