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Leave It To TLC To Find Another Group Of Bad Mothers

Updated on July 14, 2012

I'm talking about the mothers on Cheer Perfection. Out of a perverse curiosity I watched it and I think the mothers on this show may be even worse then the mothers on Toddlers And Tiaras. You know, I'm sure there are plenty of bad dads who force their kids into sports to relive their glory days or because they weren't good enough to make the team. Unfortunately, no one is focusing on them, it's all about the bad mommies.

The head of the cheer gym is this woman named Alisha and she'll accept nothing less than perfection from the girls in her gym. If you ever saw Gomer Pyle USMC think of Alisha as Sargent Carter and the girls as Gomer Pyle. The Cheer Mommies are sitting in the stands watching and they don't get the least bit upset about Alisha screaming and yelling and threatening their girls. In fact, they're all for it. They want their daughters to be winners so as far as they're concerned anything goes.

Where the Cheer Mommies have it over the TAT Mommies is the same mommies are exposed to each other and a rivalry for top beyotch has emerged. One Cheer Mommy is top beyotch of the gym and another Cheer Mommy would like to dethrone her, to the point she's pushing her daughter beyond what she's able to do. These women achieve their power via the cheer team their daughters are on. Top Beyotch Cheer Mommy's daughter is on the top team while Rival Cheer Mommy is pushing for her daughter to get on the top cheer team. Rival Cheer Mommy and Top Beyotch Cheer Mommy get into a vicious fight and Rival Cheer Mommy berates her daughter for being a chicken and not trying to do a back-flip when the girl can't do it. I felt for the girl as I was never able to master the art of the cartwheel.

Alisha has her own problem with the Cheer Mommies. The Cheer Mommies are pressuring her to put their child on the top team. If this was Toddlers and Tiaras you could consider being on the top cheer team as winning Ultimate Grande Supreme. So Alisha has to balance between placating the Cheer Mommies who are helping keep her in business and putting together the best cheer squad she can. They even have dinner with Alisha. One of the Cheer Mommies drops by to put in her bid for her daughter then swans off and Top Beyotch Cheer Mommy is like, "Oh, no, she didn't." Doing a drive by just won't do. You have to stay for the whole dinner.

Another mother is pressuring Alisha to bump her daughter up a level. The girl hurt herself and every time she tries to do a back flip it causes her pain to the point she can't do them. She goes to the doctor and he says she needs to recover slowly and the girl follows the doctor's order to a tee on just how much she can do. Alisha ultimately bumps the girl up to the next level.

Alisha has some serious misgivings about putting Top Beyotch Cheer Mommy's daughter on the top cheer squad. The girl was supposed to be at the base of a pyramid and she dropped the girl she was supposed to be holding up because she felt like it. That a dangerous thing to do. When you're standing on someone's shoulders doing back flips you have to be able to depend on them to hold you up. If they decide to drop you because they feel like it, you could get seriously injured. Alisha puts her on the top cheer team, but both she and her husband give her a stern lecture on not dropping people. However, Top Beyotch Cheer Mommy chortles she can tell her daughter wasn't even listening to them.

I get the feelings from these mothers that if it came down between their child's emotional and physical well-being and cheerleading they'd pick cheerleading. I also have a feeling we haven't seen the last of any of these people. Something tells me this show will be back as a regular series.


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