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Lee Min Jung Beautiful Award Winning South Korean Actress

Updated on August 16, 2017
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A Photo of the Beautiful Lee Min Jung

Introduction to Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung is another one of those cute Korean actresses. This Korean beauty entered the world on February 16, 1983. A native of South Korea, Lee Min Jung had a contract with the Barunson Entertainment agency as of the first draft of this biography. She now has a contract with the agency MSteam Entertainment. She has one older brother. Lee Min Jung stands at 167 centimeters tall and weighs 49 kilograms. Her hobbies include playing the piano and swimming. Note: this is the next article about a Korean movie actress since we discussed about Kim Hee Sun and her post-pregnancy diet.

Lee Min Jung Starts to Get Popular

Like many Korean actresses, Lee Min Jung has done several TV dramas and movies. Her debut movie appearance in Someone Special in 2004 started her career as an actress. Lee Min Jung has also appeared in several TV shows, her debut appearance in that category being Love and Sympathy in 2005. In 2006 and 2007, she starred in another TV drama called Love Me When You Can followed by Just Love and Who are You in 2007 and 2008. 2009 saw Lee Min Jung star in Boys over Flowers and You Smile. 2010 became a breakthrough year for Lee Min Jung as she received an award for Best New Actress for the movie Cyrano Agency at the 31st annual Blue Dragon Film Awards. She followed that up with another Best New Actress at the Director’s Cut Awards as well as the same type of award at the Daejong Film Awards. She also received a popularity award at the same awards ceremony. 2011 saw Lee Min Jung appear in Midas, a TV drama.

What Other Award Did Lee Min Jung Get?

Lee Min Jung also received an award for Best New Actress for her role in White Night at the Critics Choice Awards. This became an extremely busy and active year for the young actress. Lee Min Jung’s current movie appearance is in Love on Air.

Some More Photos of Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung at the opening ceremony for the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2011.
Lee Min Jung at the opening ceremony for the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2011.

Lee Min Jung: Personal Info

A graduate of Sungkyunkwan University, Lee Min Jung majored in theatre. I first heard about her when I read about a bikini photo shoot that she did and she seems to be really popular among fans of Korean celebrities. It is easy to see why this would happen. Lee Min Jung has really beautiful eyes and a body that is spectacular! Some people say that she looks like a goddess but it is better to say that Lee Min Jung provides both talent and beauty. Her skin also is really beautiful and flawless. It is almost like you are looking at a picture perfect painting when you look at her. She is simply dazzling. Her husband is actor Lee Byung-Hun. She has been married since August 2013.

Lee Min Jung Still Popular After Marriage

A photo of the gorgeous Lee Min Jung


Lee Min Jung and the birth of her son

In April 2016, the actress gave birth to a child, a son on April 24, 2016. The occasion for this event was a rather special one. The actress and her actor husband invited their family and friends to a place called The Sky Farm. This is a very high end farm to table food court in Yeouido which is a district in the city of Seoul. Lee Min Jung is also known for her role in the Korean drama called Please Come Back Mister.

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