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Legal Humor Cartoons

Updated on April 26, 2014

Legal humor cartoons have been a part of the cartoon and humor culture as long back as the profession of law started to take hold in the society. The occurrence of legal humor cartoons was meant to be a way to vent out the many grudges and prejudices that had taken hold of the public in general. Lawyers are generally not so well spoken of among laymen circles and thus cartoons resonating with negativity and satire are often seen circulating the many mediums of print and publishing. Being a lawyer although is regarded in general a respectable profession yet the very nature of the profession revolving around punishing, convicting, depriving and in many other forms has become a harsh reality and thus reflects harshly upon those who practice it. At the same time legal humor cartoons do not leave out the very lawyers who are good at finding the many loopholes and flaws in the structure of an agreement or a contract and use it to their advantage. The legal humor cartoons also look deeply into the many forms a lawyer can take and crack jokes on it which are mostly based on reality and simply depict a harsh truth or fact.

Why Legal Humor cartoons are so famous?

Legal humor cartoons are so immensely famous because you will find many people daily who you will find have been subjected to the unfair ordeals and workmanship of a lawyer and who has used their weaknesses against them. Since many cannot voice their sentiments openly against them, thus such legal humor cartoons gained popularity among the common man. Such legal humor cartoons are a unique way of venting out the anger, rage, prejudice and disappointment that many have felt at the hands of their lawyers. The general image of a lawyer that he is a coldblooded, selfish and goal oriented person tends to make these legal humor cartoons very popular among the people. The popularity of these legal humor cartoons makes it easier for them to find their place in many of the magazines, newspapers, and websites. They are also often referred to as courtoons, and are a famous form of humor and cartoons. Mostly legal humor cartoons involve lawyers in general but specialized fields are more regularly targeted for these legal humor cartoons, like a creditor.

Depicting satire through cartoons

As it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, thus the many feelings of the public which they can’t vent out about lawyers and their expensive operations find a way of expression through cartoons. Legal humor cartoons are used to depict the satirical scenarios that take place in daily lives of common men involving lawyers. Often legal humor cartoons are a source of becoming a way to voice their opinion against lawyers and how they function and operate, selfishly and steeped in their own gains ad profits that they do not give a though to how they may be damaging another or their client’s opponent, beyond repair.

Sometimes while these legal humor cartoons are just a way to express the feelings of disgust and anger against lawyers, at times they are also used for correctional purposes and give many people a bitter but truthful insight of how things tend to work around lawyers. As lawyers are believed to very crooked, clever, greedy and anything practically bad imaginable; cartoonists use legal humor cartoons to relate their perspective on the profession of law in general and lawyers in particular.

Where can legal humor Cartoons be found?

You can find many blogs, websites and pages on the internet that are dedicated to legal humor cartoons and boast off huge collections of such legal humor cartoons. They span every area of law and every area that includes law practice. These websites are either managed by professional lawyers who do this for fun and use these legal humor cartoons to see a reflection of what people think of their profession in general; while other are managed by people who have been stung by the venom of the lawyers and use these cartoons to create awareness for the public.

Other than that legal humor cartoons can be found in newspapers, law magazines, business magazines, and many other places in the print and published material, where they easily find a slot to be printed.


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