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Legal Movie Downloads

Updated on November 30, 2012

Illegal Downloads – Risky Business

With more and more people trying to save money and opting to stay at home rather than going on an expensive evening out, many of us are now getting into the habit of downloading movies for our entertainment purposes. There has been a vast increase in the amount of home users who are using their PC's and laptops to download Hollywood movies from the Internet instead of visiting their local cinema or video store. It would however seem that only a quarter of us are legally downloading these movies.

Recent figures state that in America around 75% of people would rather download their media illegally than using the legal versions. However what many people do not realise that by illegally downloading films they will be basically receiving a poor quality film compared to that they would have gotten from their legal counterparts and also when they use peer to peer or torrent software they are opening up their computers to a whole host of virus that could cause irreversible damage.

Quality Should Matter

When you want to settle down and watch a movie either alone or with a significant other half you want to be assured that the feature film you are about to watch is of the highest quality. Those that decide to go the free download or peer to peer route often find out the hard way that what they have downloaded isn't quite what they were hoping for.

Downloading films illegally more often than not result in subpar quality, please also emember that these dodgy peer to peer download sites are not regulated by any company or individual and there is no telling what you might be downloading to your PC

Many of the films are also pre-released movies that have been filmed on camcorders in the darkness of the cinemas; this gives the watcher a variety of almost unbearable problems when watching this type of film. Firstly the movie will be very dark to watch due to the nature of the process of filming remember this is a handheld camera being concealed by the person recording there is going to be a lack of light, focus and clarity in the picture.

The sound quality will in no doubt suffer once again the sound from the film is being picked up by a small camcorder and you are not going to hear everything that is being said in the manner that the filmmakers wanted you to hear it. Then your whole film experience can be ruined by human error itself, the camcorder is probably being held or on some basic balancing system, this means that at any moment the captured image will probably “shake” and become distorted meaning the watcher could miss vital moments.

Another human aspect is what has became commonly known as “The Bobbing Head” where other members of the audience decide for whatever reason to get up out of their seat meaning that during the movie you are watching you suddenly see nothing but the head of a moviegoer.

At the end of the day, you have probably shelled out on an expensive PC with a fast Internet connection or a state of the art HTPC. This is more than likely connected to your flat screen LCD TV via the latest 7.1 surround sound receiver and you are going to spoil your viewing entertainment by watching an inferior quality movie? A little like buying a Mercedes or a Porsche and running it on vegetable oil wouldn't you agree?

Trojans And Nasty Viruses

Remember, behind every illegal movie is a criminal organisation so it isn't only the poor quality that should be of concern. Once again these peer to peer and torrent download sites are not moderated, this gives online criminals the prefect chance to cause chaos by hiding viruses and Trojans into the potential download.

Yes it may be tempting to get that movie for free, but how free will the movie actually be when people are able to corrupt your home computer. A computer virus can cause a whole host of problems for you and your computer ranging from ones that install simple adware onto your hard drive, thus leaving you with lot’s of unwanted pop up advertisements and will lead to a marked slow down in your internet connection due to the over use of memory being used.

However the far more real and frightening aspect is the very fact that your data saved on your computer can be stolen, there has been cases of identity theft associated with an individual downloading a film illegally and the file downloading spyware onto their machine.

Now what about the sick people that are out there? Those that have access to illegal porn of the sickest nature, we are talking movies containing minors and animals. I have read horror stories where an individual has downloaded a movie with a quite innocent sounding title and false description only to find it wasn't what they expected, okay they have deleted it straight away but the true fact is that movie has still been on your PC, try explaining that one.

Illegal download brings a raft of unwanted side effects that will affect your overall enjoyment of a film, do you really want to watch a film that can be horrible quality? Or are you even willing to risk your data for one single download or even imprisonment?

Prison And Hefty Fines

Although I am mentioning this last, the number one reason why you should not participate in downloading illegal free movies is the fines, the risk of imprisonment and stigma of having a criminal record against your name. It seems however that too many people feel it will never happen to them, they will claim that they did not know. Good luck, if you are going to participate in the downloading of illegal movies you are going to need plenty of it, luck that is.


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