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Legend of the Seeker: Aftermath - What We Really Missed (Part 1 - Season 1)

Updated on June 4, 2010

Great Poster for Season 2

Aftermath: Season 1

In the aftermath of our favorite show, "Legend of the Seeker", not being picked up by any of the myriad channels that should have, I have put together a list of things I would have liked to see on the show from a readers perspective (for Season 1 anyway). Many of you who read this already know that I've been reviewing each episode and that I already did 2 comparison hubs so some of this might be repititious but I'll try to be more detailed than before:

Please note that if you plan to actually READ the books, the following is a whole lot of spoilers.

Richard is a Big Dude: No fault of Craig Horner, when we've seen him shrtless, we can tell this guy works out and his body is shredded. That being said, Richard is described as a big, tall, muscular guy - like physically imposing big. Craig played the part well enough, but he wasn't as physically large as we readers thought he should be.

Kahlan and Michael Cypher's First Meeting: This meeting, if you didn't already know it, defined Kahlan very quickly for the readers. At a party where Michael, as First Councillor of Westland, warned the people about new dangers (he already knew the boundaries were failing), he runs into his brother Richard and his new friend Kahlan. He immediately wants her to be his "guest". When she declines and states that she is with Richard he grabs her forcefully and inappropriately. She in turn, drags a fingernail down the length of his chest, drawing blood, and turning him off. She later explains to Richard that Michael was intentionally hurting him, not really attacking her and now that she had rebuffed him, he wouldn't try it again. It's a sign of intelligence and strength, not to mention devotion to her only friend, that we first see here in Kahlan.

Red Fruit is Poison in the Midlands: All red fruit is poison in the Midlands. Richard doesn't know this and when he offers Kahlan an apple she reacts like he's threatening her. She grabs him around the throat (much like she does when she confesses people) and this is where Richard first realizes there is a lot more to this woman than she has told him. She really hasn't told him anything about her profession as a Confessor yet.

Darken Rahl's Coercion of the Innocent: In order to travel through the underworld, one needs an innocent spirit guide - someone completely devoted to you - to show you the way through. In order to do this, Darken Rahl spends a great deal of time making friends with young boys who he eventually prepares for the task of aiding him in the underworld. The only reason it's little boys is because Demmin Nass (who is in the show but is not nearly the same character for fairly obvious reasons) is into little boys. I've said before that these stories are a bit brutal - I was not kidding.

You are the Seeker, we all serve you!: OK, I think the show handled this well until Season 2. Finding a true Seeker is EXCEEDINGLY RARE. When the true Seeker is named by First Wizard Zorander, both Zedd and Kahlan drop to their knees and pledge to defend the Seeker. Later on, when Richard is explaining things to Chase about what's really going on, Chase a Boundary Warden, also pledges to defend the Seeker. It's character building that is initially handled well on the show but later loses it's luster when Leo the Seeker is introduced (I liked him, he just shouldn't have existed)...

The Book of Counted Shadows and the Three Boxes of Orden: In the books, Richard's father has him learn the entire book, word for word as a kid and then they burn the book. The three boxes of Orden are supposed to be actual boxes that you have to open. Opening the right one gains you ultimate power over everything, opening either of the wrong ones gets you dead. A great deal of study goes into putting the boxes together and getting the boxes ready for opening...

Southhaven - The Hotel scene: Another test of character and great showing of Kahlan's wisdom. Richard and Kahlan arrive at a hotel in Southhaven with Zedd and Chase having been struck down by underworld creatures (which happened on the show as well in Season 1). The hotel owner offers them a room but the rowdy crowd starts looking very interested in Kahlan - until she explains that she isn't the one working, she's the one paying for a little fun. Instead of Richard having to start killing every man present, they all laugh it off and Richard and Kahlan head up to their room, with Richard somewhat embarrassed. Other important things pass between them here as well. She explains herself and there is no lingering problem, but it was a great scene....

The Mud People village and Richard and Kahlan's budding Relationship: After coming to the Midlands, Kahlan suggests going to the Mud People for help. She has traveled everywhere and speaks many languages and can converse with the Mud people. Richard, by comparison, can only stand there and wait for translations. So MANY things happen here, I'm amazed that it was skipped over in the show:

  1. As a welcoming gesture the Mud People slap each other across the face to show respect for the other person's strength. When Savidlin, a Mud person, does this to Richard, he lets fly a mighty blow that lays Savidlin out. Instead of causing problems, Savidlin is overjoyed that Richard has shown him so much respect for this strength - easily one of the funniest scenes in the entire book.
  2. Richard is named by Savidlin - Richard with the Temper - another funny line.
  3. Richard and Kahlan's plan is to get the Mud People to hold a gathering so that Richard can talk to the spirits. In order to do that, they need to be made Mud People. The Mud People are led by the Bird Man who explains that in order for that to happen, Richard has to perform some valuable function for them - so he teaches them how to build clay tile roofs. Many are thrilled, but the village elders are not. Richard holds them accountable and then vows to leave them to their fate. Then Richard and Kahlan have to save everyone from shadow monsters and in so doing, prove themselves to the Mud people. They actually spend quite a bit of time with them.
  4. During the party welcoming them into the tribe, Kahlan knows what's coming but hides several things from Richard (though he figures them out). First of all, the meat he's eating is human flesh - he knows this but allows Kahlan to tell him after the fact. Richard is then expected to take a Mud woman as a wife. Richard plays this up a bit, asking Kahlan which of the 4 possible girls he should choose. She is NOT amused. He eventually talks his way out of this by eating an apple and explaining that he eats them all the time but that might make him poisonous to anyone in the Midlands. Kahlan is torn - she's happy he got out of that, but crushed by his figuring out that she withheld the choices from him. A lightly erotic scene in the spirit house happens after Richard and Kahlan make up - which is completely cut off as Richard says they can do whatever she wants so long as she tells him her secret. Obviously, her secret would destroy him and they don't wind up doing anything - but clearly, the strong feelings go both ways...

Shota is a Really Frightening Character: We really don't ever meet Shota on the show they way we see her in the books. She can change her appearance to whatever she wants, she knows full well what will happen between Kahlan and Richard and knows the prophecies about Richard in particular. Shota's companion Samuel was never on the show but was important as an evil/mischievous person who caused trouble. When all is said and done Richard and Kahlan escape Shota but are quite frightened about what they learn from her.

Denna's Capture and Torture of Richard is Brutal but Necessary: Denna captures Richard's magic, just as she does on the show and tortures him the same way - for a long time. While reading through this experience - it lasts over 50 pages in the book - we learn about Richard's character, Denna's true character, Denna and Darken Rahl's history, how Richard uses magic, how Richard views friendship and loyalty, compassion and love. Their relationship is extremely deep and close, even in death and we NEVER see that on the show.

The Con Dar is specific to Richard: When Demmin Nass, protected by Underworld magic, captures Chase, Zedd and Kahlan, he proceeds to explain to them what has happened to Richard at the hands of Denna and Darken Rahl. That's when Kahlan goes into the Con Dar. The description of what really happens when she enters this state is so awesome, you should read the book just for that passage alone.

Richard saves Scarlett's baby egg, who but Richard would befriend a Dragon?: Richard talks his way out of being eaten, figures out that Darken Rahl can only control the dragon by controlling her egg. Richard saves the egg from a hundred Gars who are guarding it and Scarlett helps Richard figure out things he needs to know to solve the riddles he's running into.

Richard Figures Out that He Can't be Hurt by Confession: He already loves Kahlan and won't be confessed by her power. He uses that in order to trick Darken Rahl into opening the wrong box and killing himself. He actually fools everyone present.

I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time for the Season 2: Stone of Tears reader's guide....


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