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Legend of the Seeker: Review - Extinction

Updated on May 31, 2010

Kahlan in Action

Any opportunity to show Kahlan in action!!
Any opportunity to show Kahlan in action!!

Listeners, Night Wisps and Gars, OH MY!!

Legend of the Seeker: Review - Extinction

This review contains spoilers so if you have not seen this episode yet, please do not read this review until you have.

Interesting, very interesting...

Darken Rahl is alive and has to work with Richard after destroying almost all of the Night Wisps who Richard needed in order to read the scroll.  I've said before that I like Craig Parker as Darken Rahl but we've seen waaaaay too much of him this season.  That being said, I still like this twist to the story.  The scene where Richard and Kahlan have to separate (so that Kahlan can get the last night wisp to the birthing grounds is wonderfully broken up by Cara's humor.  I've waited for more of that from her all season.

Darken Rahl's explanation that he wants to be known for saving the world is, let's face it, ridiculous.  He never cares about such things and has always worked for the Keeper without fail.  The fight scenes with Richard and Darken Rahl against the Sisters of the Dark is interesting and his preplanning against Zedd and the listener makes a lot of sense.  Darken Rahl in the books and on the show is a very intelligent character so I like that he thinks ahead.  I also appreciate that he understands he may have sealed his own fate by sending the Mord'Sith after Zedd to begin with.   

The scenes with Kahlan and Cara getting the night wisp to safety worked really well.  Bringing back the gars was cool, though I wish there were a way to explain what they really are (they are NOT the evil creatures they appear to be).  Cara's scene at the birthing ground was done very well and was very cool to watch. 

Giving the arm of the Keeper to anyone seems sort of silly.  Why, for example, does it open rifts in the ground when he smashes his fist into the ground, but it does nothing to Richard when he slams it into his stomach??   No, Richard shouldn't burst apart but something more should happen shouldn't it?  Instead, Richard cuts the arm off (a logical way to eliminate the threat) and pushes the guy into the rift - if he works for the Keeper he should just pop back out of the rift, I mean really, why else is he an agent of the Keeper??

Well, even with that threat eliminated way too quickly, we then have to deal with Darken Rahl nearly dying and Zedd having to save him so that Renn can do his listening to Rahl's thoughts.  That works well (I've always liked that episode and the character of Renn).  Then Rahl uses the "STILL WORKING" arm of the Keeper to open another rift to get away from Richard.  Oh well, the story keeps twisting.

So, I like this episode for the interaction of Kahlan and Cara, Zedd and Renn, but not Richard and Darken Rahl.  There conversations are a bit too easy to predict and in the end, don't even relate to what happens.  I like the Listener, the Night Wisps, the Gar, don't care for the Sisters of the Dark, the Arm of the Keeper (though it looked cool when he first threw his arm into the fire) and Darken Rahl being a confused bad guy.  He's evil, we all KNOW he's evil, so why doesn't he - and is Richard dumb enough to fall for it??  He shouldn't be...





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