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Legend of the Seeker: Review - Tears

Updated on May 23, 2010

Pillars of Creation

Alas - The End has Come

Episode Airdate: 5/22/10 - Tears

This review contains spoilers so if you have not seen this episode yet, please do not read this review until you have.

I have to admit, this was an awesome ending to an oddly inconsistent season.  It is also, unfortunately, the series finale as the show has not been picked up by anyone.  At the time of filming, the cast and crew didn't know this since their is an obvious continuation scene at the end of the show with Darken Rahl and Nicci.  This would have been very interesting to see (especialy since they never meet in the books!!)

Using Dahlia for the Undoing Spell in order to set the world right was confusing at best but, I have to admit, knowing it was the last episode, I didn't really care.  I was happy to see our heroes fighting off banelings and attempting to get to the pillars of creation.  I was also very happy to see that the Keeper finally used his head and took things into his own hands.  That was a great twist.  It also pulled Verna back into the show, if only for a few minutes.

Pulling Nicci into the show, and as Richard's enemy, I have to admit, I didn't really care for.  Nicci's character is supposed to evolve.  Instead, they have Darken Rahl hoping that Richard succeeds and sending the Mord'Sith to help him.  Odd twist there and actually it worked great but seriously, Darken Rahl isn't supposed to exist anymore...  Nicci on the other hand, should join Richard's group at some point.

In any event, Nicci stealing Kahlan's power and confessing her with it looked great, worked great in the story and is completely illogical.  Seriously, if stealing someone else's han were that easy to do, everyone would do it.  The crushed glass/blinding sequence is pulled straight out of the books (though it's used on the Imperial Order soldiers, not Richard) and was a great addition to the story. 

I like that Declan/Keeper played out through the episode and Richard never knows it until the very end.  I also loved seeing Declan screaming when they sealed the rifts.  Nice to have a face to attach the Keeper's grating voice too.  The fact that Kahlan is in the Con Dar for so long actually worked really well and I was chilled to see her kill Richard, though that actually broke the Con Dar.  The fact that Kahlan's tears could create another Stone of Tears because of her love for Richard - well - they needed to come up with some way to end the story on a happy note.  The fact that she tries to confess him - and it doesn't work - also proves Richard's theory from a few episodes back - he is protected through his love for her. 

"It seems we have another one."  - Zedd on the creation of another Stone of Tears....

I don't understand why writers (not just these writers), think that duplicating a supposedly unique item is a good plot device.  It's a horrifyingly bad thing to do.  It invalidates the entire search for the unique item which we all have invested so much time in.  This is the same thing they did with introducing another Seeker.  I liked Leo but seriously, if naming a Seeker were so easy, nobody would have cared all that much about it.  Instead, it's something that can only be done by a Wizard of the First Order and there isn't one in every generation... 

Well, this brings us to the end.  I liked this episode very much and don't really need to rate it as it is the last.  It all worked out well in the end.


I think it's interesting to note a few things as we close up shop on Legend of the Seeker:

  • If there were a Season 3, Darken Rahl would have been involved
  • Same thing for Nicci as Richard's enemy
  • Still no mention of the real bad guys, the Imperial Order
  • We haven't seen Chase since Season 1 or Rachel since the first Episode of Season 2 - they are very important characters
  • Richard still doesn't have any magic - I can't believe they didn't get his magic back into him yet
  • Richard has been leading everyone around the Midlands and the Old World as if he knew exactly where he was going, giving names to places in the Midlands and walking around as if he owned the place - Richard is from Westland, how in the world was he able to lead anyone anywhere - that was supposed to be Kahlan's job... (sorry - just something I forgot to include in my Sword of Truth vs. Legend of the Seeker comparison hubs!!!)

From what I gather there is still a small glimmer of hope that the series can come back - but it doesn't seem all that likely.  That's too bad since there is already a great fan-base and so much more story to be told that's already written.. 

I hope you have enjoyed the series, and my take on it.  I've loved the books, I loved the show, and I'm sorry to see them both now ended.


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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 7 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Since you've asked, I will write reviews for both episodes later tonight. As for everything else, well, everytone has a right to their own opinions and thoughts and I respect everyone else's so long as they respect mine. I don't honestly remember the Imperial Order ever being mentioned on the show or Jagang for that matter. My beef with Richard leading the way is simply based, mistakenly I guess, on his book character as well as what we see on the show. While Richard is following the compass, we never see them reading maps, we simply see Richard point and say that some named place is "just over that ridge". He doesn't know the Midlands well enough. In fact, even in the books he never knows all of the place names in the Midlands and he RULES them... It's not a big deal, just one of those small things that irked me. Kahlan, on the other hand, knows all of the places of the Midlands and most of the languages which was never really explored.

      If a season 3 existed, I really wasn't into seeing more Darken Rahl. Maybe I'm misguided, but I think if they had started the storyline from the end of Season 2 without the Darken Rahl/Nicci scene, they could probably have started Season 3 presenting a story that resembled what really happens next in the books.

      Undoing Dahlia would undoubtedly had other effects than just bringing Cara back to the reality we know. They sort of glossed over that point. Undoing Cara changed the entire world, clearly this is an extremely powerful and unpredictable spell - using it on Dahlia wasn't necessarily even going to do the same thing as was done to Cara.

      I completely agree that they wasted Cara's last storyline (in bad "Who shot JR?" - oh wait it was a dream, moment). I love Tab, I've always thought she was cast extremely well and played her character well. It would have been nice to see other parts of her personality evolve (her sense of humor in the books goes a long way towards humanizing her) but all in all, I think she was used perfectly.

      I'll get on those other reviews later, after I watch the LOST series finale with my kids...

    • Necros profile image

      Necros 7 years ago from Hungary

      In case you haven't heard yet, the books will be continued. ;)

      About some of your other points:

      - Richard is from Westland but he was mostly following the compass and he knows how to read maps too. And I wouldn't be surprised if sometimes he talked about the Midlands with the others, getting to know the place. :)

      - You could call Nicci Richard's enemy, for now, but she could've still joined/will join Richard in S3.

      - And they didn't mention the Imperial Order or Jagang (that's his name, right?) by name but they talked about them in Dark, setting up the third season.

      - I don't think Darken Rahl would've been in the focus for long in S3, I'm sure Nicci would've found a way to escape and most likely kill him too. Or he would follow her and Richard or Cara would kill him. I'd prefer it being Cara after Eternity.

      - I thought they'll bring Nicci back in the last few episodes to give him back his han but it looks like they were keeping that for the tird season.

      And I don't think that using the undoing spell on Dahlia was confusing. Since we know how it works, it would've had the same effect on her as it did on Cara. Dahlia never became a Mord-Sith and she couldn't lure Cara away.

      Now, was this a perfect solution? No. And I didn't like it either. With this spell, they basically wasted Cara's last storyline and erased Dahlia from her life. She is only a fond memory from her childhood now. I wanted to see Kahlan, and maybe even Richard to bring her back from the dark magic's grip, that would've been much better. And I liked her relationship with Dahlia too, it was done very well.

      And will you write a review of Extinction and Eternity? I'd like to know what you thought about those episodes too because we may not agree on a lot of things, it's interesting to read a well thought out review, especially coming form a book fan. :) And I'd like to know what you think about Tabrett Bethell's performance too.

    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 7 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Cheesy or not, the entire series is about the love of Richard and Kahlan and I don't have any issues with that. This finale was constructed in a way that led watchers to cheer when the Keeper was defeated, as it should have been. However, if the Keeper realized he was suddenly missing the Stone of Tears (which I don't think happened), he shouldn't have been all that surprised when the rifts started closing (which he was). The duplication of the Unique item plot device greatly cheapens the impact of the unique item, whether it's a jewel or a person. Two Seekers made no sense (in my opnion) and creating a second Stone of Tears only lessens the importance of the first which was created when the Creator sealed her brother, the Keeper, in the underworld.. if it was originally made by the Creator, it should not then be able to be made by Kahlan. As important as she is, we're elevating her character way too much here.. well, that's my opinion anyway...

    • profile image

      Dino 7 years ago

      Thanks for your insight. But I have to disagree with duplicating a supposedly unique item. Although it looks like a cheap way as a plot device, one needs to look past that and understand the bigger theme that love and creation (which the creator stands for) cannot be beaten by lies, deceit, and greed (this is what the keeper stands for). Just like the power of love conquers all you cannot steal the stone of tears, because it is an idea a source of hope for the people in this show and the power it provides is one of healing and faith. That is why when the hour is darkest and humanity is in great peril the power of one tear, signifying love, is so strong and powerful that it has the ability to bring the stone back after all that has happened. This is the source of the creators powers and as empty as that sounds, this series shows time and again that not all the powers or weapons in the universe can stop it.

      P.S. The same theme is also prevalent in lord of the rings! I know its cheasy but somehow its very believable and works for this show.

    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 7 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      This was a very good show based on an unusually well written fantasy series of books. Since we don't have the show to watch anymore - try reading the books, though I warn you, the books have a great deal of realism to them that the show obviously couldn't present..

    • bonnebartron profile image

      bonnebartron 7 years ago from never one place for too long

      big fan huh? After reading this, i may be too... :)