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Legend of the Seeker: Review - Walter

Updated on April 27, 2010

Walter and Mika

Legend of the Seeker: Review - Walter

Episode Airdate: 4/24/10 - Walter
This review contains spoilers so if you have not seen this episode yet, please do not read this review until you have.

I always begin by explaining that I have read the books and understand that the show is just an interpretation of the story in the books and not an exact reenactment. Please feel free to read my other Hubs about Legend of the Seeker and the series of books it's based on, The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind.

This was a very interesting episode. As an avid reader of the books, I know this never happened, but I have to admit that I am intrigued to see where they take this and that's the whole point of entertainment isn't it?  This whole Walter idea is very good and I like how they prefaced it with the D'Haran general telling Walter's tale for a drink (or several of them!).  This episode had some humor in it, which despite how I usually sound - I am not against seeing on the show.  The Walter character was pulled off well as was the slave girl Mika, though we didn't see too much of her.

The fact that the scroll can't be read without a night wisp is, well, annoying.  It's not a great idea, nor is it a terrible one.  It's not a great idea because, well let's face it, we encountered the land of the night wisps in one of the first episodes of this season (Kahlan sends them on a search mission to find other Confessors in the episode "Touched").  So do they need to travel back there and can she just call them out of the trees?  I don't really know.  In the books, Shar, the night wisp that helps Kahlan cross the boundary dies soon after they get to Westland and then we don't get back to the land of the night wisps until nearly the end of the story, I believe it's in the book Chainfire..  It's also not a terrible idea because it is a magical scroll and there should be some extraordinary circumstance that allows someone to read it.  It's the attention to this kind of detail that I love - sometimes this shows glosses over them, but they didn't this time.

Now that Darken Rahl is alive, I have to admit I am interested to see how they resolve the rest of the storyline.  I did say, just having the stone wasn't the end of the story a few reviews back and it seems like I was right.  The writers are going to make it interesting until the end here.

I'll rate this with 5 stars.  They are giving us an alternate ending and I think I like it.  Maybe it sounds weird coming from me but, well, I already know what's SUPPOSED to happen as per the books, at least now I'll get a different version of it. 

Favorite Scene:  I knew it was coming and I'm sure you knew it too but when the general breaks Walter's nose to set it right was hilarious.  I knew it was coming and I still laughed!!

For those of you worried that Seeker is at its end - the producers of the show seem very confident that they can get the show picked up.  Keep your ears open....

Please note that the picture is © Seeker Productions, Inc.and © Disney | ABC Domestic Television. All rights reserved.



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