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Legend of the Seeker: Review - Wizard

Updated on March 6, 2010

Episode Airdate: 3/6/10 - Wizard

This review contains spoilers so if you have not seen this episode yet, please do not read this review until you have. Today's episode was actually first aired on December 5, 2009.

This is actually a good episode based on a seriously bad plot twist. Let me begin by explaining that I have read the books and understand that the show is just an interpretation of the story in the books and not an exact reenactment. All that aside, there are some truly bad decision-making going on as to what belongs in the show and what does not.

In the books, and throughout Season 1, the idea is stressed that the Seeker, a true Seeker is an incredibly rare person. One is born every couple of generations. That being the background, how could the producers introduce the concept of another Seeker??? I can only think of one way Richard Cypher, is no longer the Seeker, because he is, in fact, Richard Rahl and prophecy takes note of these kinds of things. I'll get back to that later, let's critique this particular episode.

The fact that Shota spells a parsimmon and is able to completely overwhelm Zedd's memories is weird but we know Shota is very powerful and that Zedd truly does see her as a threat from other episodes so we can accept this. The fact he loses all common sense is very loosely explained as having left along with his memories. That really doesn't make any sense, but it's a fantasy show so we can accept that as well. The fact he winds up in a brothel is funny and Cara's little joke makes light of that.

When Shota drags Zedd back to her lair, she explains thngs to him and gives him back the use of his mind, though not his common sense. While Richard and Kahlan attempt to get the Horn of a Shadrin, they are confronted by D'Haran soldiers. During this battle, Zedd spells away the Sword of Truth and the Stone of Tears Compass. He doesn't do what Shota wants and leaves to build a kingdom in WInterhaven with Cilindra who he met at the brothel. After building his castle he begins to hold court for the people of Winterhaven and then names himself Seeker. The writers really pour on the fact that he has no humility and of course, no common sense.

Cilindra's trip to the underworld works great as does her way back to the living. Zedd's incredibly pompous, senseless child-like self also works in the story all right. Darken Rahl's parts work great and the Underworld looks as creepy as it ever has. The fact that Shota is with Richard, Kahlan and Cara trying to save Zedd also works out well in this story. However, in the books, a Sorceress (Six) can actually fight off Mord'Sith.

The only thing that really drives me nuts about this episode (besides the whole name a new seeker prophecy to begin with) is the sheer stupidity of the people of WInterhaven. I'm sorry but apparently EVERYONE has lost their common sense. If a Wizard yells that he is going to fight the keeper of the underworld, I can't imagine ANYONE would merrily go walking along in a huge parade to one of the rifts of the Underworld. Incredibly stupid, to the point of asking, "What were the writers thinking??" Anyone knows if you plan on fighting you don't bring your family along... Amazing how those scenes really make everyone look dumb beyond reasoning.

Well, in any event, the Underworld scenes at the end work really well, Zedd and Richard aging looked cool (especially Richard). Shota being freed by Richard also plays to Richard's character so that worked well too. All in all, not a bad episode.

Back to the prophecy. In the books, and in the shows as well, prophecy is something Richard does not really pay much attention to. In the books, it's because Richard is the balance to prophecy, he is technically the embodiment of "free will" even though he is involved in many prophecies. This whole "name a new seeker" prophecy never exists in the books but also lessens the rarity of Richard's presence which I greatly dislike. I understand the show needs to be different and shows us things not presented in the books, but for the most part, they have kept to many of the books original concepts. This one they are playing with and the only reason I can see is to play it as Richard Cypher can't beat the Keeper, but Richard Rahl can.

At some point, Richard needs to accept his title as Lord Rahl. When he does that, he ceases to be Richard Cypher. As we know now, they did incorporate a new Seeker (Leo) when Richard made his trip to the Palace of the Prophets, and they killed him off a few episodes ago. This is the only thing I can think of to make a different Seeker out of Richard. In the books, this kind of detail is extremely important and I could easily see the writers of the show using that aspect in the upcoming episodes. Richard taking the title of Lord Rahl SHOULD also change how all of these various D'Haran soldiers view him. In the books, all D'Haran's are bonded to the Lord Rahl and fight to the death FOR him. That would drastically change how these episodes are written once that actually happens. Oh well, I'm just speculating here...

This episode gets 4 stars out of five. The foolishness of Shota shouldn't exist, neither should the prophecy or Zedd (and all of Winterhaven) losing their minds. The rest worked really well though.

Until next time..


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