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Legend of the Seeker vs Sword of Truth Round 2

Updated on April 29, 2010

Richard's Carving of Life

More Comparisons

I've already done a hub comparing the storylines presented in Terry Goodkinds "Sword of Truth" books compared to the "Legend of the Seeker" TV show that is based on the aforementioned books. I feel obliged to go back for a second round since not only did I leave things out of the first round, people continue to read and comment on the first hub. So here is another list of comparisons to ponder:

Kahlan is not pronounced "Kaylin" - Yeah, this one is a matter of personal preference but I've always said that they are pronouncing the name incorrectly. Kahlan, in my mind is pronouned Kah - with a short a, lahn - again with a short a sound. The way it's pronounced on the show makes Kah into Kay and lahn into lin. I've never liked that but they can't change it now.

Way too Many Sisters of the Dark - This is supposed to be a secret society within the sisters of the light. There seem to be waaaaaay too many sisters of the dark. In the books we know of maybe 10 and we can assume there are more but not the 60 or 70 we've seen or heard of so far.

The Sisters of the Light make a Creator? - The idea is absurd and has no place in this story. The Sisters of the Light are a bit misguided but they aren't evil nor are they against Richard in the books. They wind up being extremely useful later on. According to the show, they all gave over their power to "create" a creator - just a foolish idea in the extreme.

The Mord'Sith are not agents of the Keeper - This one is mindboggling. Darken Rahl is exceptionally cruel to the Mord'Sith during his life. When Richard kills him and frees them from Darken Rahl's control they decide to act as his bodyguard. The Mord'Sith - ALL OF THEM - love the new Lord Rahl who happens to be Richard. They do not, ever, work with the Sisters of the Dark and none of them pine away for the return of Darken Rahl.

Where is Nathan Rahl? - We've seen Panis Rahl, Darken Rahl and have been introduced to the story of Kenton Rahl (Minders) on the show but the only one I'm looking for is at the Palace of the Prophets and he's Nathan Rahl. Nathan is about 1000 years old and helps Richard immensely. He gets along well with Zedd too and is a great character.

Walter, Darken Rahl's Double - This just happened last week and I loved it but for those of you who have read the books, you know there is no way Darken Rahl would have let Walter live.  Darken Rahl wasn't afraid of anything, didn't worry about assassination plots or anything else for that matter.  He wasn't even afraid of Richard, Kahlan or Zedd since he knew he had control of Subtractive magic that they could not fight against.  Daren Rahl would have found the existence of a "double" intolerable and killed him on the spot.

Richard still doesn't have magic!! - I've touched on this numerous times before so I might sound like a broken record but Richard as a character on the show is pretty one-dimensional right now and not very engaging (totally NOT Craig Horner's fault).  There is so much more to this character that has been seriously left on the cutting room floor so to speak.  Yes, Richard is an awesome fighter but he, and the Sword of Truth, are SO MUCH MORE.  It really is a shame that the writers felt the magical aspect of Richard's heritage and being were too much to work with.  Richard is a war wizard and fights and reacts using his feelings and instincts.  In print, a wizard isn't normally portrayed in this way and while I'm sure it's not unique, most people think of wizards like Zedd or Gandalf.  Richard, in the books, is interesting because we get to see him grow and come to accept both his heritage and duties as Lord Rahl.  He really doesn't have any choice in the books since all D'Harans are bonded to him.

Where has Chase gone? - I'm amazed that we haven't run into Chase all season considering the fact that our heroes have gone back and forth a couple of times, retracing their steps and following that ridiculous compass.  He isn't prominent in the book Stone of Tears but he does chase Richard and try to stop him from going to the Palace of the Prophets..

No Samuel? - We seen a lot of Shota (too much in my opinion) but nothing of her companion Samuel who supposedly was the last person incorrectly named as Seeker.  The Sword of Truth warps him into an evil, mischievous creature but we've never seen him on the show.

Dennee is alive, in someone else' body - Why?  The true fallacy here is that she's Kahlan's sister which isn't true, only in the sense that all Confessors are like sisters to each other.  However, Dennee is supposed to be dead.

The Golden Compass - Obviously this never happens in the books since the stone isn't actually lost in the books.  It also seems to lead Richard all over the place trying to teach him lessons instead of leading him to the damn Stone of Tears LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO!!!!  That's a good way to confuse the viewers there, create an item for one purpose and then inexplicably give it another purpose nobody understands or can explain.

Adie should be with them - While this doesn't happen in the books right away, Adie, the Bone Woman form season 1, should be travelling with Zedd Kahlan, Cara and Richard.

No mention of Richard's beliefs - Readers get treated to it in virtually every book, an explanation (in some books an extremely long-winded explanation) of Richard's belief system.  The picture I included with this hub is the cover of the book Faith of the Fallen where Richard has been taken to the old world after Nicci used the Maternity spell to force him to go with her.  In that story, Richard proves the bad guys ideals (the Imperial Order who we haven't met yet on the show) are wrong to Nicci and instills in her the idea that her life is her own which he also did on the show.  He is eventually forced to become a carver and instead of carving images of death, which the Imperial Order demand, he carves this statue called LIFE.  It shows the nobility of man and is supposed to be a likeness of himself and Kahlan though not exact duplicates.  While we have begun to see this belief system when Richard gets Nicci to essentially renounce her old ways as a Sister of the Dark, we haven't seen it since and it's vitally important to his character growing any further on the show.   

I'm sure you've all heard that the show was not renewed but the producers still believe the show will land somewhere.  Let's keep our fingers crossed because I would hate to lose this show.  At the same time, I would suggest you all read Wizards First Rule to get a better sense of the characters as realized by the author Terry Goodkind.  Be forewarned, the books have an element of realism to them that other fantasy genre books do not have.  Denna's capture and subsequent torture of Richard lasts awhile - but there is a point made through all the brutality - just be ready for it when it happens.

I hope you enjoyed this and I'll see you Saturday night for the next review!!



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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 7 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Honestly, when the show was first announced, Terry was supposed to have a say in what happened on the show and it sounded a lot like he would be involved. That being said, it never happened. In the end, Terry definitely supported the show, and I'm sure he was sorry to see it end, but he wasn't in control of any of it by then. I don't want to speak on behalf of Terry, but I would think he wasn't pleased with ALL of the radical changes made to his story. The show had many things going against it - if it were to land on a regular cable station (i.e. Syfy) it would have had a long a happy life. Instead, syndication meant that each episode had to be self-contained which really held the storytelling back a lot. And some of the radical changes really upset the book-reading fanbase - I have to admit that Richard the warrior is a seriously awful character, while Richard the war-wizard is not, too bad we never saw him...

    • profile image

      fadedpent 7 years ago

      Thank u so much for writing this and ur first hub. I'm only on book 6 but I'm a huge fan and was so excited when I heard about the show...until I watched lol. U cleared up a lot of questions I had about the differences between the two. I was wondering does terry goodkind support the show and all the changes?