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'Legends of the Knight' Documentary Seeks to Bring out the Hero in All of Us

Updated on January 20, 2015

Legends of the Knight Poster

Legends of the Knight Poster
Legends of the Knight Poster | Source

Batman in Our Culture

Superheroes are a huge part of our culture these days. Children and adults all over the world wear superhero clothes, buy the toys and merchandise, read the comics and flock to the movies on opening weekend. Batman, in particular, is one of the most beloved heroes out there. For 75 years, his story has inspired his fans all over the world. Aside from bringing pure enjoyment and entertainment , though, have Batman’s moral values rubbed off on his fans? Filmmaker Brett Culp has sought out to prove that they have in his new documentary, Legends of the Knight.

The Film

Using Batman as the anchor for his film, Legends of the Knight sets out to show how people have used the character of Batman to bring out the superhero in themselves, overcoming challenges, making a difference in the world around them. Some stories that are chronicled include Batman creators, filmmakers, writers and adults and children diagnosed with health conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy and leukemia. These people have penned inspirational books, aided in efforts to improve their community and simply inspired the people around them to bring out the best in themselves. Everyone in the film shares a love of Batman and the desire to use the Batman story to become better people and live in a better world. With a running time of 76 minutes and no graphic violence or language, the content is meant to draw in audiences of almost any age.

Legends of the Knight
Legends of the Knight | Source


In keeping with the spirit of the film, Culp has chosen a unique way to market the distribution of the film. The proceeds of all screenings will go to charity, and the fans will choose the cities where the movie is to be screened. Anyone interested in having, “Legends of the Knight” screened at their local theater can visit at no cost and request a screening in their area. If enough tickets are pre-sold within the allotted time frame (up to seven days), the screening with be scheduled at that theater. After the proceeds are tallied up, they then get to choose the charity of their choice where the proceeds for that screening will support.

Culp has set up a website at to request screenings, read reviews of the film and learn about the people highlighted in the film. Blurays, DVD’s and other merchandise can be purchased, and donations can be made to help fund further inspirational films.

Filmmaker Brett Culp
Filmmaker Brett Culp | Source

Sending a Message

It’s refreshing to see a film seek to make a difference and practice what it preaches in its message. Hopefully, those walking around with their Batman shirts will remember why they love Batman and aspire to be as inspirational and charitable in their own lives as The Dark Knight has been in their lives. My review of Legends of the Knightwill follow in a future article.


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    • bat115 profile image

      Tim 3 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I will be on the lookout for this film!

    • BernietheMovieGuy profile image

      Bernie Ment 3 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      Intriguing review. I had not heard of this film but now I will be watching for it. Thanks for the heads up! Voted up.