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Leonardo DIcaprio Love

Updated on February 21, 2014

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leo Dicaprio

Okay I’m going to say this: I love Leonardo Dicaprio. He’s one of my favorite actors. Ever since my cousin showed me the movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’ I fell in love with him. He’s not my first crush, Brad Pitt is, but I’ll write another hub on him later. Anytime he comes with a movie, I watch him. I’ve watched ‘The Basketball Diaries’, ‘Beach’, ‘Celebrity’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Man in the Iron Mask’, ‘Catch me if you Can’ and so much more. When I watched one of his old movies, which was ‘The Basketball Diaries’, I see why he has been nominated five times for the Academy Award and has won two Golden Globes.

The way he goes into his character without losing himself too much is amazing. ‘The Basketball Diaries’, he plays real life author Jim Carroll for his love of basketball and heroin. I don’t mean to gush but he’s awesome. He can even be funny as well. In ‘Catch me If You Can’, I found it funny when he tricked Tom Hanks into thinking he was cop and Tom got mad and threw the wallet. ‘The Aviator’ showed how he captured Howard Hughes conviction and repetition. ‘Show me the blue prints’ anyone? In an interview with ‘Django Unchained’ he revealed that he was uncomfortable with saying the n word and that he really cut his hand slamming on the glass on the table.

However he kept going and even used the blood to show how ruthless Calvin Candie is. Recent movies like ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ shows his diversity. I have watched both and he was classy in Gatsby and trashy in Wall Street. Wall Street really showed that he wanted to have fun and show the realism of the character. He’s even an environmentalist and an activist. His documentary ‘The 11 Hour’ shows how that he’s determined to help the Earth and that we need to help as well if we want to survive. His activism for gay rights, he donated $61,000 for GLAAD in 2013. And he’s a straight man which makes me want him more. LEONARDO DICAPRIO IS AMAZEBALLS!

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