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Leo's Oscar Quest

Updated on February 18, 2016

Leo's Oscar nomination

Leonardo Di Caprio has come a long way since his first Oscar nomination in 1993 for "Whats eating Gilgert Grape'. During his journey till 'The Revenant', he has refined as an actor & his acting skills have been getting polished every time he takes up a movie project. He has been nominated 6 times including the one for 2016 Oscar's. His nominations only prove his ability to keep growing as an actor & his aim for perfection. He deserves the Oscar that he's long due for.

Leo in The Revenant

In the real life portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant, Leo has shown exceptional commitment towards his work by working in extremely cold conditions. His ability to perfect a performance goes a bit further when he ate a raw bison. Its hard for a vegetarian to gulp down raw meat, especially a bison. Hope this performance of Leo as Hugh Glass takes him a step further in achieving the Oscar award.

Leo in The Wolf of Wallstreet

Leo as Jordan Belfort is one step further to he playing real life characters. His previous movie characters like J Edgar hoover only helps play the character of Jordan Belfort in a better way. He was not only Oscar nominated for best actor but also as a producer. This film brings out his ability as a producer. He again displays abilities of acting & producing, which got him till the Oscar nomination in two categories.

Leo in Blood Diamond

The political war thriller got him another Oscar nomination as best actor. His character Danny Archer brings out another facet of his ability to act tirelessly towards perfection. As a diamond smuggler, he plays the character very well & brings out the poise with which he handles complex characters. Leo for sure displays Oscar worthy performance in Blood Diamond.

Leo in The Aviator

Another real life portrayal as Howard Hughes is a contribution to his ability to flawlessly play a person in real life. He not only acted out Howard Hughes in the most perfect way but also the hard work he put in to play the character became the platform for his roles in the future. Similar kind of display of acting skills were demonstrated in the film Catch Me If You Can as Frank Abagnale. We can only hope Leo has displayed enough of skills as an actor for playing real life people. His ability to be seen in positive light by The Academy.

Leo in What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Guess the stage was set for Leo as an Oscar nominee for best supporting actor way back in 1993. In the Johnny Depp film What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Leo play's the character of Johnny's autistic younger brother. At an young age Leo was set to play complex characters. His ability to be prepared to play complex roles has given him capability to do justice to the film characters. Growing as an actor & making good choices on scripts has paved his way to Oscar nominations, it can only lead to an Oscar I guess.

Oscar Nominations

Nomination/ Award
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Best Supporting Actor
The Aviator
Best Actor
Blood Diamond
Best Actor
The Wolf of Wall Street
Best Actor & Best Producer
The Revenant
Best Actor

© 2016 Manjiri Borkar


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