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Lessons for Beginners- Learn How To Sing Better

Updated on August 1, 2010

If you want to learn how to sing better, the first step is understanding the importance of taking lessons. Professionals of all levels take them, even those at the height of their careers and talent. These pros know that they must continually hone their voice and train the body to produce the best sound. 

Singing skill comes down to practice and technique. You must cultivate the correct physical and vocal techniques to produce rich, full, high quality sound. 

Physical Techniques for better Singing 

Learning how to sing better begins not with the voice, but with understanding how your posture impacts your ability to produce quality tones. A slouched or curved back prevents your abdominal muscles from contracting fully and expanding in the proper way. The muscles of the abdomen muscles help with upward air flow when trained properly. 

Singing is demanding on both the body and voice. An example of this is regulating breathing to control notes. One technique involves inhaling deeply and using the abdominal muscles to force the diaphragm to raise up. This technique is called appoggiare. This technique is employed to push air up into the lungs and then on to the vocal cords. 

In this method you keep the sternum lifted while exhaling in order to maintain control of the air flow. Once mastered appoggiare will prevent uncontrolled air pressure on the vocal cords. Use of appoggiare will train you to hold notes. 

Among the many other physical techniques, we can include forming of the lips, control of the palate and the mastery of proper tongue placement. All of these things will help you to learn how to sing better.

 How To Sing Better With Vocal Techniques 

By taking singing lessons you can learn a number of valuable vocal techniques. To learn how to sing better you must understand just how sound is produced. This will give you the knowledge you need to monitor and control the results of your practice. After you have learned the physical techniques of proper body position and breathe control you can begin to learn how to: 

  • Maintain and end a tone
  • Create full and solid sound
  • Pick out and sing a pitch
  • Enunciate vowels and consonants when singing
  •  Hold the throat open to produce resonance
  • Expand your range
  • Increase amplitude
  • Inject emotion into your singing

One can learn and and master various techniques but these are not all that is needed to truly sing like a professional. You must also master the elements of stage presentation, things such as walking onto the stage and holding the microphone, to truly connect with the audience. 

It is interesting to note that almost every thing you do affects your ability to perform well. Lifestyle is an important factor. You must be aware of things in your life that can affect your singing voice. Examples of this are smoking or drinking to much caffeine and other things which can damage or alter your vocal cords.

 The Big Picture 

To learn how to sing better, you need to look at the big picture. Hitting certain notes or singing on key are are not the only considerations.

 You must invest your time and best effort to learn how to sing better. It is said that you “have to find your voice”. Then you must push yourself to master the proper vocal and physical techniques to reveal it’s finest qualities. This effort is a journey of self discovery which can bring great satisfaction when you are singing at your very best for yourself and for others.

Visit our home page if you are looking for singing lessons for beginners.


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