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Let Me Tell You How Much Sympathy I DON’T Have For Mark McGwire And The Rest Of Them!

Updated on January 14, 2010


With Mark McGwire all over the news and everyone’s television screen with his admission (finally) that he was on the steroids bores the crap out of me. The tears in his eyes, the red eyes, and his blotchy face with a forehead that could have told anyone a long time ago that he was either on steroids or from the Flinstones cartoon leaves me unemotional. Sorry Mark and the rest of you. Let me tell you how much sympathy I DON’T have for Mark McGwire and the rest of them! – Don’t Get Me Started!

Very few people get to have careers in the spotlight. And the ones who do rarely have their careers thrust upon them without working mighty hard to get it so when I hear that the “trappings of fame” can be difficult for people it makes me throw up more than a little in my mouth. I look at all of the celebrities through the years (yes, after the Hollywood studio system when they created your image and every piece of press that went along with it for you), athletes, etc. who through the years have been very famous and very good about keeping their feet on the ground. They understand that they asked for this and they take the good with the bad so when I hear the Mark McGwires it just bores me.

I find it hysterical that he can actually still be in denial as he gives his big apology tour a whirl. I heard him saying something about steroids not having anything to do with his eye/hand coordination and then of course they have doctors on who say it could very well play a part in his eye/hand coordination. So even in the apology he’s still in denial that it was anything but him that created and broke those records. My, how arrogant can you be? I say, strip him of the titles (like he stripped himself of his balls being on the steroids – both figuratively and literally) and then, don’t “erase” his name from the history books but make sure that his name is never mentioned without the mention of steroids and his lying. I don’t care what this has done to him as he did it to himself. His tears affect me about as much as Jimmy Swaggart’s did when he “sinned.” These men need to learn that they are not Gods and no matter how much they pump up their bodies and egos, being human is not something to be ashamed of but to embrace. I know, some of you are saying right now that his lying is human too and I should offer up a little more forgiveness. It’s not for me to forgive him and let him have a coaching job, that’s for someone else to decide.

Like rappers who are constantly thanking Jesus for making their albums win an award with such great lyrics as “fuck your mother, you bitch, yo” sports figures that are steroid based hit me the same way. Look, I know that we’re putting unbelievable pressure on our celebrities but I’m just asking that they remember they wanted to be there in the first place and not look for sympathy when they’re caught in their lies. I don’t expect Tiger Woods to tell everyone about his affairs, that’s his business and I could care less but when you break someone’s record to write your name in the history books and it’s based on a lie then I think groveling is in order. Think of the person who wasn’t on steroids whose record you broke, and their families. Think of the sport or field of work you’re in that you loved so much you wanted to rise to the top of. Just think of someone other than yourself for three minutes. And let me tell you how much sympathy I DON’T have for Mark McGwire and the rest of them! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Being from England I haven't seen too much about this, fully agree though, if he has beaten a record while on steroids, that record should be returned to it's original owner.

    • profile image

      cosette 7 years ago

      i felt for Mark McGwire when i saw him all choked up, but he kinda sorta tried to blame his dad a little, which is really uncool, and then alluded that steroids don't make champion home-run hitters, which sort of killed it for me. he should have just accepted full responsibility and given back the title. i would have. it would be the decent thing to do, IMO.

    • bearclawmedia profile image

      bearclawmedia 7 years ago from Mining Planet Earth

      Man you are the most prolific writer in this forum. I applaud you.