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"Let Your Mind Go, and Your Body Will Follow"

Updated on March 19, 2013

I Have Been Commanded By My Fingers

Being pulled along by a story that tells itself is a great feeling. I love the feeling when all I have to do is let my fingers go. “Let your mind go and your body will follow.” That reminds me of a movie. So here it is.

There's a movie I watched years ago. L. A. Story. My uncle left the VHS at our house I think. At the time, I wasn't interested in it. One day, I started watching it because my sense of humor started to gravitate to Steve Martin. I liked his irreverent style of humor and especially Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

And I just found it on Amazon. I'm going to buy it.

The Story

L.A Story follows the life of Harris K. Telemacher. A “Wacky Weekend Weather” guy. He's the silly comedian who tells the weather to a bunch of people who don't care. He started as a weather man because of his fascination for science and the majesty of our worlds natural cycles. He hates his job and his life has spiralled into a pit of boredom and complacency. He's desperate for some passion and meaning in his life again.

You learn all this in just the first few minutes of the story.

The impressive, near all-star cast includes several cameos. Patrick Stewart, the owner of the high class french restaurant that interviews Harris to qualify for a table. Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame. Chevy Chase, Woody Harrelson, Rick Moranis and Robert Picardo. To name the most notable (to me).

"The Weather Will Change Your Life Twice"

L.A. Story, on the surface, is another irreverent comedy. Just what you'd expect from Steve Martin. Where the rich inhabitants of L.A. work their lives away to make money to spend on material goods that don't fill the void. But underneath the humor and blatant sexual references, is this deep, rich commentary on humanity and the loss of innocence and magic. Without giving away too much of the story: Harris finds himself facing a mid-life-crisis and his life spiralling out of control. All the while he is questioning his own sanity, and finding an “adventure in his own back yard”. His journey leads him to question everything he knows to be real and forces him to make some tough, but needed decisions.

This Silly Movie Touched My Life

At the age of 13, this movie caught me in the perfect place to find some of the true magic in life. This is for many reasons, but one part sticks out. Near the middle of the movie, a character is relating a ridiculous yet delightful tale. In the midst of this comes the line “Let your mind go, and your body will follow.” This line has stuck with me for twenty years. The true magic to that line (for me) is if you trust your intuition, truly let your mind go, your heart knows what to do. You may not have all the answers, but to truly trust yourself is to be at peace.

Maybe this story will touch you deeply like it did me. If not, it should be good for a laugh, at least. Unless you don't like irreverent humor. Then maybe watch it alone with a glass of wine. ;)

If you do watch it, or if you've already watched it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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