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Let Me In

Updated on April 11, 2013

Will you let me in?

Venue: Golden Screen Cinemas, Mid Valley

Run Time: 1 hour 51 minutes

Is it me or has it been a vampire season lately? Anyway, Let Me In is no ordinary vampire movie. No pale, mysterious, plain, sexy characters in this movie, unlike Twilight. I'm fed up of girls going hysterically insane, drooling over the ill-fated vampires in Twilight.

Anyway, Let Me In tells us a story of a vampire girl, Abby (Chloe Moretz), aged 12 -after many, many years-. Abby meets Owen (Kodi Smith McPhee), her next door neighbour. The two became friends and the relationship gets closer and closer each night.

To survive, Abby needs blood. Her guardian hunts every night, breaking into cars, hiding in the back seat then killing them for their blood.

When her guardian died, she was left all alone to hunt and live.

In this movie, a vampire needs permission to enter a house which does not belong to them. If entered without invitation, they will bleed to death. This was what made the story rather interesting.

There was a scene where Abby went berserk after seeing Owen's drops of blood on the floor. She stormed out of the room, climbed onto a tree and attacked her neighbour, Virginia, who apparently was seen walking away from her boyfriend or something.

Virginia was hospitalised. When she awoke, she was no longer herself but a vampire. She bit her arm and sucked her own blood. A nurse entered the room but wasn't aware of Virginia. As she pulled the curtain to let in the sunlight, the golden rays shone onto Virginia and burnt her. Unfortunately, the nurse got burnt too. Vamps must stay away from the sunlight, remember?

Well, the ending was a sweet one though. The kids who bullied Owen tried to drown him but Abby saved him by killing the four boys. I thought I saw one of them got his head ripped too. Somehow, they ended up on a train to who-knows-where. The scene showed Owen was alone in the train. And there she hides, away from the bright sun, in a big trunk beside Owen.

I'd give a rating of 7/10. There's just something which doesn't satisfy me but overall, it's worth-the-watch kind of movie.


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