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Let's Pause Again - like we did last summer

Updated on July 17, 2015


Good old Bruce just before he is about to kick the Evil Boss in the head. It is a shame that you cannot see the video too as the next few seconds is pretty funny. The Evil Boss is quite clearly not present but, still, it does lead to making this film a cult classic.

First meeting

When Murphy met Lewis? Though, as you have no doubt realised, this is not their first meeting but it is there first meeting. What? This is where they decided who was driving. Lewis - not in the car - is not too happy with the result.


A typical Arnie face and a typical Arnie line, "Naaaraggaahh!" from Total Recall - the better and the original but, not the one most similar to the short story written, by Phillip K Dick, that the films are based on.

Nice LOUD shooting, son.

The scene when Robocop - I do not recognise the remake - shows he creators and the other cops what he can do. Bob Morton here looking on with his fingers plugged into his ears - showing off a filling too!

I am not too sure what the newest Robocop film is like but if it is rated at 12 I will not be watching it.. even if it does have Gary Oldman in!

They tried to make Robocop into a family film some how. They should have just ripped it off and done that and left the original alone. I don't know anyone who likes that film, having seen the original ones - minus part three of course!

"Why aren't you in uniform!?"

A look has a million words, answers, threats, and meanings. And of course, it worked well here. Mr Lee keeps his desired attire on.

The camera man got in the way

Arnie pouting just before he "ices" a "bad guy". The scenes that follow this one had quite a few good funny scenes however, they were pretty manky and bloody and I thought this is not really the place to show such things.

Now, there's a look

This guy is obviously enjoying his work as he picks on the inexperienced guards and "shoots fish in a barrel" Little does he know, he is soon to fight against Bruce Lee. He will then learn what it is like to be matched against a far superior opponent..

Total(ly Forgetful)

Now, I heard there was a remake of Total Recall. I haven't heard, I know as I have seen it. Arnie was not in it. I know that Arnie is a bit hard up for money after his divorce and all. But I didn't expect him to be doing this. [this of course is a joke]


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