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2014 in Music: Who Owned It?

Updated on August 30, 2014

Let's Twerk! 2013 Was Miley's Year Hands Down!

The twerk exploded with a catapult last year, popularized, of course by the one and only Miley Cyrus in her comeback single "We Can't Stop" which became a huge hit last year! And her takeover did not stop there, remember Wrecking Ball? Man, that song was so huge thanks to its quite explicit video! Miley was seemed to be at the top of the world last year, yet her reign was cut short by a lot of new and emerging popstars! Although we will never forget how twerking was invented!

Katy Perry Left a Loud Roar this Year!
Katy Perry Left a Loud Roar this Year! | Source

Another Year of Fabulous Music!

2014 is a year of surprise huge hits! Although it started off quite as expected. Filled with pop megahits from pop singers in the likes of Rihanna, Ke$ha and Katy Perry.

Although Rihanna disappointed a lot of people with her new song together with rapper Eminem, she still managed to get the top spot like she always owned it! Sure, it wasn't Love the Way You Lie perfection but The Monster is still a good song! Although it's quite forgotten now.Love the Way You Lie perfection but The Monster is still a good song! Although it's quite forgotten now.The Monster is still a good song! Although it's quite forgotten now.

Dethroning The Monster is another pop girl's song with a rapper! This time, Ke$ha returns to the top spot after a few years of absence with Timber, a song by Pitbull featuring the Tik Tok singer.Timber, a song by Pitbull featuring the Tik Tok singer. And yes, it has aged fairly well until this day, I still hear a lot of clubs playing this smash!

It's odd that I only noticed it now. The first three #1 hits of the year are songs by popgirls with rappers. Third in line is Katy Perry's own Dark Horse which featured rapper Juicy J. Its reign was quite humongous although it was cut short but another huge song! Either way, Katy Perry is still the Queen this year!

Let the Males Dominate!

Perhaps the three biggest songs of the year had a triple punch in the chart beginning with Katy's Dark Horse and to be followed by the biggest male hits this decade has ever seen.

Pharell is quite in the spotlight these past two years. He owned the charts last year too with Get Lucky and Blurred Lines and he returned with a bang this year. This time though, a soundtrack from a year old film "Despicable Me" called Happy. Spending 10 weeks atop the chart it seems likely that this will chart high at the year-end charts late this year!

And then the huge musical sensation steps right in, John Legend's All of Me spent three weeks right after Happy! It spent most of its weeks in the shadow of a huge song and then it outlasted it which means it had an awesome longevity and chart run!

Welcome future Queen of Rap, Iggy Azalea
Welcome future Queen of Rap, Iggy Azalea | Source

And the Newcomers Arrived!

Iggy Azalea? Charli XCX? Magic!? Come on, not everybody has heard them before! But here they are, smashing the music industry right now!

The first time I heard "Fancy" I thought Nicki Minaj was in it, come on, there are only a few female rappers around! And then I saw "Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX" in the cover. What's even shameful is that I thought Iggy was black and then I saw the music video. Fancy is such a feel-good song and it deserved to smash and become a #1 song. It's been a long time since a female rapper was on top of the charts! And Charli XCX managed to get another top 10 hit right after Fancy. Talk about keeping the momentum and striking while the iron is hot! (Watch out: Iggy's Black Widow might be a #1 contender too!)

After the general public was tired of "I'm so fancy!" they requested a different song on the radios. Quite different from most of the music right now, is the reggae-infected beat of Magic!'s Rude which spent the chart for six weeks blocking another newcomer Sam Smith from reaching the top spot! Too bad Sam, we all love the song though, right?

Dark Horse, the song that never dies is fast approaching 600 million views!

Who Owned It?

What is the biggest song of 2014 so far?

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Taylor Swift, From Country to Pop!

A lot of country fans must be quite sad now that Taylor Swift is officially leaving her country roots that made people fall in love for her! Not to worry though, as this week she managed to debut #1 in the charts with her pure pop song Shake It Off after selling more than 500,000 digital records this week which is a really impressive feat!

Taylor Swift acting like she don't care in her new video for Shake It Off
Taylor Swift acting like she don't care in her new video for Shake It Off | Source

#1 Songs this Year

Eminem ft. Rihanna
The Monster
Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
Katy Perry ft. Juicy J
Dark Horse
Pharell Williams
John Legend
All of Me
Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX
Taylor Swift
Shake It Off
Here is the list of #1 songs this year for simplicity purposes!


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