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Let's Talk Trailers: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Enemies Unite Trailer

Updated on February 5, 2014
A fan-made wallpaper of Spidey and Electro by PokeTheCactus
A fan-made wallpaper of Spidey and Electro by PokeTheCactus | Source

Truly A Marvel

I'm a big fan of the Marvel series of movies. The quick flicking through of the comic art over the Marvel logo always gets me pumped for the movie to follow. I really enjoyed the Spider-Man trilogy of recent years, but I've really wanted to see the new movie for awhile. The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has me wanting to rush out to get a copy of the first movie! I'll see what all I can pick out of this over three minute trailer! Plenty of Spidey spoilers will follow.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Enemies Unite Trailer

Starting With A Joke

The trailer begins with Peter getting in trouble for doing laundry. The last time he did laundry he turned everything blue and red. This is, of course, because he washed his Spider-Man suit, but his identity is still a secret so he lies and says he washed his American Flag. Rather quick witted as Spidey should be, but "No one washes the flag!"

Here Comes The Action

After a few logos, a quick clip of Spider-Man swinging into action can be seen. This is followed by a scene of Peter sitting on top of a building without his Spidey suit talking about what he loves about being Spider-Man. Plenty of shots of New York can be seen in these two sections of the trailer and there are a ton more shown later on!

A semi truck crashing through New York is shown next and because pictures from the set of the movie have been shown, I know this semi to be driven by the man who will become the Rhino. What will probably happen is Spider-Man will thwart the semi truck's rampage. This is supported by him swinging in and saving a man from being hit by a car that was thrown by the truck.

Max in his Spidey Shrine
Max in his Spidey Shrine | Source

I'm Your Biggest Fan...

Once saved, Spider-Man has a short conversation with the man he's saved. The man is dumbfounded by being saved by Spider-Man and when Spidey calls him by his name he's even more shocked asking how Spider-Man knows his name. Clearly this man, Max, is unnoticed at work and most likely in life and having The Amazing Spider-Man take the time to say his name must have truly been an honor for him.

Then it gets creepy. A clip starts of Max talking to Gwen Stacy, Peter's girlfriend, about how much he'd like to be like Spider-Man and receive the attention Spidey gets everyday. In this clip it begins to be revealed that Max is a little bit of a fanboy of Spider-Man. Nothing wrong with that, but then they show Max at home.

His room is covered in Spider-Man memorabilia and newspapers with titles about how Spider-Man saved the day. Some of these titles are the cliché cut out letters that have been rearranged to show the title "Max and Spider-Man Save New York." Clearly Max has a sick obsession with Spider-Man and it will definitely be an important part of the movie.

Electro in Times Square
Electro in Times Square | Source

Introducing Electro

Now that the painting of a crazy person is complete, let's give him powers! The traditional comic book method of villain creation has never bored me yet and this movie will be no exception. Max can be seen walking around his workplace in the next scene shown and, true to the comics, a workplace accident gives him his powers. Just like in the comics, Max falls into a container of electric eels and in the end gains his control over electricity.

The next section of the trailer has a song playing that I found myself to enjoy quite a bit. Max has just gained his electric powers and he can be seen staggering throughout New York causing minor black outs as he goes. This song just seemed to fit the scene because of the electric sound to the music and the lyrics chanting paranoia when Max clearly had some mental problems was just too good.

Once Electro reaches Time Square he rips open a grate and begins what I'd describe as feeding off of the electricity. He clamps his hands to a pipe or wire and begins to at least heat it up. Then a confrontation between Electro and Spider-Man is shown. When Electro begins to believe Spidey to be a liar and had only pretended to be nice to him as Max just to forget about him, he attacks him. This is the first bolt of lightning we see fired by Electro, but the change of scenery from entering Time Square to Spidey's arrival make be believe something else goes down first due to the flipped and burning cop car.

And Now For Something Completely Different

After Spider-Man is shown getting up from Electro's blast, it transitions into Peter talking to Harry Osborn. Harry reveals that Oscorp has had Peter under surveillance, but when asked why he responds in a manner that to Peter would mean Harry doesn't know the reason. If this Harry is similar to his character's history then he most likely does know or will know at some point in the movie when he becomes a flying goblin with a greenish hue, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

My Favorite Scene

After another quick clip of Spidey's earlier encounter with the semi truck rampage, a man that can't be seen clearly is shown walking through a sort of lab. He has a suit and a hat on, but is otherwise a silhouette in front of the amazingness that is behind him.

In the background can be seen the mechanical tentacles that the classic Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus is known for having on his back. Directly next to those are the mechanical wings that are famously worn by another animal-named acquaintance of Spider-Man, the Vulture!

The voice playing in this scene says "We have plans for you, Peter Parker." It is unknown if the man shown is saying it, but the fact that Oscorp spied on Peter and then Peter is addressed by a villainous voice as "Peter" and not as "Spider-Man" is definitely something to notice!

The next clip is of some mechanical doors being raised that are numbered up to six. This is incredibly important because in the comics there was a group of villains that got together to fight Spider-Man and they were called the Sinister Six. Want to know a few of the members? Just Rhino, Electro, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, and the Green Goblin! All of the villains that have some tie in this trailer already! Could the doors be opening to reveal each of the villains ready to do combat with Spider-Man? I'm so freaking excited to see what happens!

Vulture's Wings (Left) and Doctor Octopus' Tentacles (Right)
Vulture's Wings (Left) and Doctor Octopus' Tentacles (Right) | Source

More Details

A clip shown of Peter asking about what he's seeing is then shown. The same sinister voice responds that it is the future, but we do not know for sure of what the two of them are speaking about. The clip shown as "The future" is said is of someone riding a glider similar to what Green Goblin is famous for riding around the skies of New York.

Then we get a quick glimpse at Rhino's outfit. It isn't the silly sort of rhino costume like the classic Rhino wore, but is instead a mechanical behemoth that looks like a Rhino. We only see the foot stomp down for now though.

Then Harry is shown talking about changing the world. An animated graphic of the human body can be seen with its brain highlighted and this clip is followed by some tubes of yellow stuff that draw parallels to how in the first Spider-Man movie, Green Goblin received his powers.

Then a clip of Electro in his new outfit is shown. With the flick of his wrist, he sends out a bolt of lightning that the trailer would make you believe crashed the plane he was standing in.

"Let's go catch a spider." Electro is seen saying these words to someone who can only be seen from behind, but looks awfully familiar to a certain Harry Osborn we've seen before. This is followed by an incredibly quick shot of Green Goblin being confirmed as having mounted his glider as he tears past the screen and begins fighting with Spider-Man.

Rapid Fire Clips!

More rapid pace clips fly by so I've created bullets of what all can be seen.

  • A helicopter following Spidey as he swings towards Oscorp
  • Spidey landing on a part of some sort of electrical mechanism that has been broken
  • Green Goblin's mechanical armor latching together on his body
  • Electro firing lightning from the Time's Square scene earlier
  • A much better shot of Rhino's suit that allows the trademark horn to be seen
  • Missles being fired at Spidey
  • A disgruntled Peter telling Gwen "Nothing is what I thought it was."
  • Spidey swinging around an electrical machine fighting Electro
  • Electro screaming
  • Gwen Stacy not being in a very safe area and looking frightened
  • Gwen saying "This is bigger than you, Peter."
  • Another shot of Rhino's suit firing quite a few machine guns
  • An extremely upset Peter screaming
  • The electrical machine being broken as Spidey swings by
  • Peter without his Spidey mask holding Gwen as they look at someone
  • Spidey kicking Green Goblin
  • Guards running in a prison
  • Electro strapped into some sort of machine
  • Electro releasing an EMP wave from his body that shuts down everything in New York and sends quite a bit of New York crashing down.

The Rhino Revealed
The Rhino Revealed | Source

Goodbye Gwen?

Do you think Gwen will die in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

See results

Let Me Explain

As these rapid clips fly by Electro can be heard saying, "You wanted to be the hero, now you gotta pay the price." This could mean anything, but remember the earlier clip showing Peter asking what he's found? What if he was offered to be a villain just like Green Goblin offered him in the other Spider-Man movies? A sort of partnership that, when turned down by Spider-Man, caused him to the target of the villains. That could be a possible meaning behind what Electro is saying.

Another common theme is Electro strapped into a machine and this machine doing something. In true Spidey fashion, the clips show it getting slowly destroyed by Spidey dodging Electro's attacks and the attacks instead hitting and breaking the machine. The other classic thing that could be happening in these clips is Spider-Man appealed to Electro's desire to be a hero. He appealed to Max's desire to fight with Spidey and in doing so could have turned Electro into an ally to take down the other villains.

The rumor about Gwen dying in this movie could totally be true after seeing this trailer. In the comics, Gwen dies by falling off of a bridge. Spidey shoots his web to save her, but when attempting to pull her up, snaps her neck. Pictures from the set show Gwen in an outfit very similar to what she wore when she died in the comics and the pictures were taken in front of a similar looking bridge as well. Compile the rumor together with the scenes of her in distress and the scene of Peter holding her while she looks frighteningly and he angrily at someone, and the rumor could very well be true.

On set (Left) and in the Comic (Right)
On set (Left) and in the Comic (Right) | Source

In Conclusion

The trailer ends how it started: with another joke about Peter almost getting caught in a Spidey slip up. When asked why his face is filthy, he responds that he was cleaning the chimney. That would've been a great excuse, but "We have no chimney."

I can't wait for May 2nd to get here so I can see just what will happen in this villain-packed movie. In my opinion this trailer may have showed us far too much of the film. I was almost able to guess the entire movie's plot, but I don't mind it because the trailer was pretty darn amazing to me. I don't know if any of my predictions are correct, but I would be really impressed if they were. When I see the movie, if any of my predictions are correct I will also be saying, "What?!"


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