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Leverage on TNT and DVD

Updated on December 11, 2010


If you have not seen the first two seasons of TNT's hit series Leverage, then the following video may contain Spoilers. I think it's a great use of footage from the show, and did not feel that it spoils anything, but that is the warning from the girl who put it together.

Credits for this video montage are to Christian Kane for House Rules and badgirl2bad4u on YouTube Video used by Permission

Season 1 Recap

Leverage Season 1

Leverage Season one introduced us to Nathan Ford, an ex-insurance investigator, who has been contracted to retrieve a set of plans from a former employer.

We've all heard these kinds of stories. A person goes to college for their degree and starts working for a major corporation. They design something that will make their company billions, but they get no compensation, because of their contract. This man just wants his plans back, he says they were stolen from him.

Nathan knows what it feels like to be 'screwed' by the big corporations. He worked for an insurance company, but when the time came that he needed to use his insurance, the company denied his claim.

As the season moves forward we see character development, as well as bonds forming between the characters. The season finale breaks our hearts as the crew decides to split up, everyone going their separate ways. I wondered, as I watched, if the show would be picked up for a second season.

Season 1 episodes:

  1. "The Nigerian Job" : The CEO of an Aeronautics Company asks Nate Ford - an ex-insurance investigator who once specialized in the recovery of stolen goods - to lead a team of expert thieves to recover airplane designs from the rival company that took them.
  2. "The Homecoming Job" : The crew reunites to help a Reservist, who was injured in Iraq by private military contractors.
  3. "The Two-Horse Job" : A peak into Eliot's past. The crew tries to help a horse trainer after a fire destroys his stables.
  4. "The Miracle Job" : A peak into Nate's Past, someone has beat up a priest! The man of the cloth (played by D.B. Sweeney) happens to be a personal friend of Nate Ford's.
  5. "The Bank Shot Job" : In the middle of a con on a corrupt judge, Nate and Sophie are taken hostage in a bank robbery.
  6. "The Stork Job" : We gain some insight into Parker. Attempting to help a couple retrieve the child they were planning to adopt, the team uncovers a Serbian Adoption ring duping would be parents out of their money.
  7. "The Wedding Job" : The team poses as a Wedding Planning Team, complete with Eliot as the chef, to retrieve money from a Mafia mob boss that was promised to the family of the man who took the fall for his crime.
  8. "The Mile High Job" : The crew flies the not so friendly skies when the only people who can expose a major company's misdeeds are sent to the Cayman Islands.
  9. "The Snow Job" : A contractor who swindles families out of their homes is the target of The Snow Job. Sophie's assumes the role of an Olympic Luge Champion and Ski Resort owner swindle the contractor's son.
  10. "The 12 Step Job" : A peak at the inside of the rehab system, and the inside of Nate. Parker and Nate both go into rehab, with Sophie as the group therapist to get an embezzler to come clean.
  11. "The Juror #6 Job" : Parker has jury duty. In an effort to teach her to be more comfortable in social situations, Nate makes her go, not knowing they will end up with a case out of it.
  12. "The First David Job" : Team intervention! The crew decides it's time for Nate to get revenge on the insurance company he used to work for.
  13. "The Second David Job" : Having split up after the First David Job the crew inadvertently meets at the opening of the museum where the two Davids will be going on display. Each of them has their own plan to rob The Two Davids Gallery.

Season 2

As  season two begins the Leverage crew have gone their separate ways, Nathan Ford has gotten a job but decides not to take it. Sophie has gone back to the stage and invited everyone to the premier of "The Sound of Music" in which she has a starring role. When a threat is made against Nate's life the crew gets back together for one more job.

Over the course of the season Sophie will go away and send a friend in to keep an eye on the crew. The bonds formed in the first season will grow deeper in the second, and the team will become a family.

Season 2 Recap

Leverage Season 2 Episodes

  1. "The Beantown Bailout" : With the government bailing out the banks, one banker decided to cash in.
  2. "The Tap Out Job" : Eliot does what he does best, posing as an extreme fighter, in this episode about a crooked fight promoter.
  3. "The Order 23 Job" : Time to steal a hospital. When a criminal might walk because of a lack of evidence, the crew uses his own fear against him to see that he does not go free.
  4. "The Fairy Godparents Job" : While the crew is really trying to get the money back from a Ponzi scheme, Sophie realizes that the son of the swindler really needs their help as well.
  5. "The Three Days of The Hunter Job": Tabloid news reporters can ruin lives by spreading unsubstantiated claims. Enter the Leverage team with a story this reporter can't resist, think Conspiracy Theories!
  6. "The Top Hat Job" : A frozen food company is under scrutiny and what could be better distraction than a magic act?
  7. "The Two Live Crew Job" : Yes, you read that right, two crews. When the Leverage crew attempts to retrieve a missing piece of World War II art, their attempts are thwarted by another crew.
  8. "The Iceman Job" : With Sophie away, the crew is short one Grifter! Enter Hardison, as The Iceman, a dealer in stolen diamonds.
  9. "The Lost Heir Job" : When an aging millionaire turned philanthropist dies, the mystery of his late life change must be discovered to ensure his charitable work continues.
  10. "The Runway Job" : In order to help an Asian sweatshop worker, the crew must infiltrate the fashion world.
  11. "The Bottle Job" :A peak into Nate's childhood. The owner of McCrory's has passed away, leaving his daughter in debt to a loan shark. The bar that has become a fixture on the show. This is where Nate meets new clients, and it is downstairs from his new home.
  12. "The Zanzibar Marketplace Job": When Nate's wife is arrested for stealing a priceless object, Sterling returns to enlist the help of Nate and his crew.
  13. "The Future Job": Tara poses as a real psychic to expose a phony one. We get another peak into Parker's past and what makes her tick.
  14. "The Three Strikes Job": While trying to bring down a crooked Mayor, the team takes advantage of his passion for baseball and so Eliot gets to be a baseball player! (part 1 of 2 part season finale)
  15. "The Maltese Falcon Job": The team continues to work on bringing down the corrupt Mayor along with his gun running cohorts who have been evading the law.

Season 3

With Nate in jail and Sophie back, the season starts out with the crew planning Nate's jail break. Unfortunately, Nate doesn't want out of jail. What Nate and his team don't know is there will be a new element this season, someone is after Nate, and she doesn't play nice. While Sterling was hoping to arrest the whole team, this lady plans to kill them if she doesn't get what she wants.

Season 3 Recap

The Ho Ho Ho Job courtesy of AudioGeek on YouTube

Leverage Season 3 Episodes

Leverage Season 3 Episodes so far:

  1. "The Jailhouse Job" : The team wants to get Nate out of jail, but for now he wants to stay inside. Aldis Hodge's brother appears in this episode as an inmate, who becomes the teams next client.
  2. "The Reunion Job" : In order to crack an un-hackable code, the team must attend a High School reunion.
  3. "The Inside Job" : When Parker goes missing the team must scramble to find her, and then assist her on a job she has planned and taken on alone. Richard Chamberlain guest stars!
  4. "The Sheherazade Job" : A peak at another side of Hardison. He plays the violin!
  5. "The Double-Blind Job" : The team is after a pharmaceutical company to stop a deadly drug from reaching the market.
  6. "The Studio Job" : Eliot sings! The highest rated episode of the series (so far) this job finds the crew dealing with a corrupt music mogul. Guest star: Bo Duke himself, John Schneider.
  7. "The Gone Fishin' Job" : In the effort to bring down a corrupt debt collector the team inadvertently uncovers a terrorist group.
  8. "The Boost Job" : Another peak into Parker's past, this job finds the crew stealing cars and running a car lot... Also stolen. Guest star: Bill Engvall.
  9. "The Three Card Monte Job" : When an honest business men are being manipulated into committing crimes, the team jumps into action to get to the bottom of it. We get the chance to meet Nate's father.
  10. "The Underground Job" : Dealing with the plight of the coal-miner, this job was close to my heart. (My grandfather was a coal-miner in West Virginia.)
  11. "The Rashamon Job" : A peak into everyone's past, this episode centers around the idea that if you ask five people about a certain event, you will get five different stories. Everyone remembers it from their own point of view.
  12. "The King George Job" : When a child is caught smuggling at an airport, the team is off to London to find the source who is using children to get antiquities into the United States. We get a peak into Sophie's past.
  13. "The Morning After Job" : The team is after a financier who may lead them one step closer to the ultimate prize, Damien Moreau.
  14. Season 3 returns Dec 12th at 9:00 EST 8:00 Central with: "The Ho Ho Ho Job": The team takes over a shopping mall on Christmas Eve, with Eliot posing as Santa, and Parker and Hardison as Santa's helpers!

The Guys Bad Reputation Credit TheOriginalAliKat on YouTube

When the Cast and Crew got the News

Leverage Season 4

Yes! Leverage has been picked up for another season. The fans have spoken on Facebook, Twitter, TNT, and every fan site out there! They speak on Leverage pages, and Christian, They speak on the Facebook pages of Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf. If you search Leverage in Google, 9 out of the top 10 search terms that pop up underneath, are about the TNT show. I don't know why the other on has anything to do with Ratios and the stock market... Who has the money for the stock market? Watch Leverage on TNT! Save your money so you can buy the DVDs.

The Girls Credit TheOriginalAliKat on YouTube

DVD's you Might Enjoy!


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    • inaniLoquence profile image


      6 years ago from Singapore

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I was wondering whether they would push through with the new season and you have just verified that yes, they will! Thank golly! I'm a Leverage addict and have not missed an episode.

      Hello Faybe Bay, thank you very much for following me. And yes, I need some advices. Thanks again. Ellie.

    • Faybe Bay profile imageAUTHOR

      Faye Constantino 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Great! I know you'll enjoy it. I actually purchase the first two seasons on Amazon live stream. Once you watch that first season, you'll be hooked. I was hooked after episode one!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      6 years ago from England

      Hi, I have seen this advertised over here in England but have never got around to watching it yet, but saying that, this has got me interested, so I will give it a go! thanks!


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