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Life Revisited - Music Part 3

Updated on December 4, 2012

Boston. Their first album. My first album. What a day. What a great start to my new forever life-changing hobby. I can't wait to get home to play it. Problem. I have a record player, not a turntable. Seventh grade confirmation bestowed upon me an all-in-one radio record player speakers that sounded like tin. The louder you turned up the volume, the worst it sounded. Scratchy, like tin. Designed by parents no doubt. My friend had older brothers. I've seen the individual hi-fi stereo equipment. I remember sitting in his brother's room with the lights off and the stereo on. There is nothing like the aura of stereo lights! There is nothing like the superb rich full sound of music that comes from a quality hi-fi system! Full perfect sound at every volume level. I had to explain this to my Dad once. He asked "Why do you need to have a sound system that is so loud? You never listen to the stereo at the highest volume level anyway." I said "True but the more amps you have the better sound quality you have at lower levels of volume." He nodded in agreement and thus the need for my ever increasing ampage over the years was never questioned. Neither was my use of the word ampage. Jesse Jackson wants ebonics, I call this stereophonics. Mine is a real word. The point is there was no way my new Boston album was going to be played for the first time on a record player, not turntable, that was horrible sounding and had questionable needle-quality. Even a K-tel record felt slighted being played on this very generous gift by my well meaning parents. It should also be noted that although it didn't affect the sound quality, you could fit a cake under the high rise cover that was atop this all-in-one beast. This stereo equipment problem was the conversation I had with myself on the ride home. A clear oversight on my part. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? I never cared much about that but I clearly needed a new sound system before playing my new album. Stereo system, chicken. Album, egg. Explanation just in case. I needed a stereo system that would produce the best possible sound in my price range. The price range that couldn't afford two albums at the music store was an obstacle. Time to negotiate with the parents.


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