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Life Revisited - Music Part 4

Updated on March 11, 2014

First let's disclose the other three albums. Album purchases two, three and four. My second album was Styx "The Grand Illusion." Association with this album was my first kiss which happened to be with two girls. Kiss one, then the other. Awesome! Hasn't happened since. Third album was Kansas "Point Of No Return." Sums up the state of my new music addiction after leaving the music store. And the fourth was Foghat "Live." My introduction to the awesomesomesomeness of live music!! Again a real word in stereophonics. There you have it! So next will be the upcoming very important piece of legislation that I need to present to my parents that needs to be passed regarding the acquisition of an acceptable hi-fi stereo system. Music doesn't play a big role in your life unless it's heard on some good equipment. You don't put your favorite roast beef on a piece of stale bread. A tenuous analogy I know.


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