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Life Revisited - Music Part 7 - Final

Updated on March 11, 2014

So the day arrives when the stereo system arrives at home. Huge boxes are bought into my room. Boxes opened. Merchandise out. Boxes and styrofoam packing material out to garage. Items are placed on my wood laminated sound system fortress that I had already bought at Service Merchandise. Swinging glass door included for protection. A while hooking everything up including the monster guage speaker wire that would be interloping throughout my room. All along, the smell of the new equipment enveloped my room. I remember it was dusk when I finished and admired my accomplishment. My eyes glazed over as I turned the unit on and witnessed the lights on the sound system. I turned the dial on the tuner to my favorite radio station at the time. I believe it was WMET. The story would be better if I could remember the first song I heard...but I can't. Then, of course, I started playing with the volume controls. What great sound at all levels. The parents are invited in for a showing. They are impressed!

After the presentation and the hubbub is over, I sit in my room alone just looking around with a huge smile on my face. I listen to a few more songs. Then comes the time when the "Boston" album comes out. I slip it out of the cover and gently place it on the turntable. I clean it with the record cleaner. I can't tell you how much all the needed accessories added up. But I was all in!

If you have ever listened to this album, you know how it begins. I've heard it so many times. I listened to it all the way through. Great album! Every time I hear a song from that album on the radio, it takes me back to this time in my life. After I was done with the album, I put it away in the place that all of my albums would eventually reside...until there was no more room! I looked at the lonely only album and started remembering my trip to the music store. I remembered all the other albums I wanted, yea, needed. I have a lot of lawns to mow!!

On a parting note, I didn't understand til later why the heck they sold those funky pipes at the corner music store! :)


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