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Lifetime's Girl Fight

Updated on December 9, 2013

Lifetime is full of true stories. Some true stories that are on are movies about bullying. One movie about bullying is Girl Fight.

Girl Fight aired in October 2011 on Lifetime. It stars; Anne Heche, Jodelle Ferland and James Tropper.

Haley (Ferland) is a nobody. She is the smartest girl in the class and has only one friends. However no one notices her. Her life turns around when the popular girl Alexa befriends her. Haley finally finds out what it is like to be popular. She dumps her friend from middle school who isn't popular. Haley's past comes back to haunt her.

A couple of months ago before she befriended Alexa she writes to her friend how Alexa and her friends are stupid. One day Alexa's friend who doesn't like Haley finds out and the girls have a plan to beat up Haley and post it on YouTube.

The movie then goes into Bullying and Cyber Bullying. This movie will make you see that bullying does exist and that there should be a stop to it. If you have ever been bullied or bullied someone before this movie is a must see for you.

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