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Lightshow Types

Updated on May 26, 2010

When it comes to raves everybody likes a good lightshow as they stimulate the mind leaving you mesmerised whether on something or not. However no so many people realise just how many approaches you can take to giving lightshows with a large range of equipment and techniques at your disposal. This article will identify some of the different styles of lightshows you can use when giving lightshows but in truth the different techniques, styles and equipment you can use offer seemingly infinite oppurtunities. In my following articles I’ll  also go on to talk about the equipment you can use and the different LED’s at your disposal.


This is your basic lightshow that most people seem to give, and the typical lightshow people seem to think about when discussing the topic. This can involve the use of glowsticks or LED’s turned on for the whole performance using 2 sources of lights (i.e. 2 glowsticks or 2 microlights). Aleternatively some people might have the microlight attached to a very short chain or string to create more fluid movements and freedom sometimes. Typically lightshows of this type will consist of moves such as figure 8’s, traces and shapes.


Conjuring is an adaption of freehand which involves turning on and off a microlight to creat mind trick such as passing a light from one hand to the other, eating the light, pulling it out of your ear etc. This is typically performed with 2 microlights of matching color, however as people become advanced they may incorporate additional lights to perform color switch moves.

Glowstringing and POI

Glowstringing involves a light attached to a long piece of cord, this light may be a microlight, flowlight, glowstick or other kind of light. In this lightshow the light is swung around by the cord to complete a large list of tricks such as weaves, corkscrews, windmills etc. The strings lights can also be caught and transitioned to free hand or used for string manipulations. This is similar in may respects to poi however glowstinging also encourages moves involving catches whilst poi seemingly does not. These moves once perfected may also be be taken to higher difficulty by performing them in other ways such as behind the back or in a straight jacket position.

Gloving and Finger Lights

This is where lights are placed at the fingertips to perform lightshows done using finger lights or lights in the finger tips of gloves. Moves similar to freehanding are performed however as there are more lights it adds additional move possibilities such as finger rolls, color switching, progressive moves, fluid moves, impact moves etc. 


Lightshow involving 2-6 microlights held together using zip ties with string threaded through both sides. The lightshow involves winding the orbit up to increase tension in the middle and using the unwind of the tension to perform tricks. The main tricks which are performed is wind up movements, slinkee shapes, star shapes, flower shapes and arm wraps. Other moves may also be performed however they are far less common by doing moves behing the back or taking ideas from poi/glowstringing such as weaves and corkscrews. Orbits can also be used with gloves like in the video below where they can be hidden behind the back or neck when not in use if the string is long enough.

Further Info

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