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Like the Idea of Titanic 3D

Updated on April 6, 2012

Who can remember when Titanic first came out? I can, I was young, in elementary school, probably in class learning math. I was able to know enough about Titanic though, I wanted to watch the movie so bad that I even convinced my parents to purchase the VHS for me. It was two videos but I was willing to watch it and one can say that the movie became one of my favorites. The reason I say that is because I would watch it once every week, I am not ashamed to say that now because I laugh at how many times I watched it that whole year. My parents would be like, "Again, why are you watching it again?"

Titanic is known to have made a lot of money alone in the year that it came out. It was known as a big blockbuster at that time. The years sure have gone by fast that is for sure and the movie may still remain one of the best in the minds of many people. The effects of it were great, just to see what they were able to do to make the movie possible made me wonder what more that they could have done.

Now it has come out on 3D and that it is much better than when it first came out. I am sure the effects are much better now that they have made it 3D. It takes a lot of work to make it into a 3D movie because you have to get each movie scene and work on it to give it the digital effect. Who knows how many hours it may have taken to work on it, but was it worth it? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't?

Titanic is a good movie, it may be based on what happened to the ship but those of us who saw the movie know that there really wasn't such a romance in real life as there was in the movie. There may have been several romances but those are the ones we will truly never know about. The romance between Rose and Jack may have been what made the movie popular if you think about it. What you do you think?

Has anyone seen Titanic in 3D? If you did was it worth seeing? Do you think that this movie would still be considered a blockbuster if this was the first time that it came out?

What are your thoughts about the Titanic?

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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 6 years ago from El Paso

      Everyone has their taste of movies, I think I really liked titanic more than my family.

    • Kiwi Max profile image

      Max Zvyagintsev 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Dancilla,

      I remember watching titanic as a kid too. Grandpa and Grandma showed it to me and Aunty. Though I think my aunty enjoyed it more than me.

      I was looking forward more to a gunship battle ;)