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Lil Wayne, One of the Greatest to Ever Do It

Updated on March 2, 2018

His wordplay is very clever

Wordplay is the main thing you hear in Wayne’s music he uses multiple every verse. It always leaves me wondering how he came up with those rhymes. And after you understand what he means it makes you think of him as an even better rapper. Here are some examples:

“I got a bitch in mind, I call her any time. She taller but it’s fine together we 6’9.”(Dedication 6 Bank Account)

“Bitch real G’s move in silence like lasagna.”(6 foot 7 foot)

His achievements are unbelievable

To start off, he has 4 platinum albums! To add to that he has 5 Grammys and 13 BET awards. He got one of his platinums before he was even 18. Now he even has his own records company with Nicki Minaj and Drake.

He knows how to adapt

Lil Wayne has rapped through the 90’s and 2000’s. His rapping style changed as the consumers wanted different music. In the early 2000’s he would rap with people like Birdman, Eminem, and many other rappers that were big then. But now he is rapping with the new group of people while still keeping his way of how he raps. Now he raps with people like Kodak Black and DJ Khaled. Plus Lil Wayne makes a mixtape of the hottest songs and remixes them after every album called “The Dedication Series”.


He started rapping when he was nine.

At the age of nine, he signed with cash money records and recorded a song that was released a few years later. He was the youngest rapper on the label and he called himself baby Dwayne. Down below is a video of him rapping as a teenager. He then joined a group called “Hot Boys”.

Lil Wayne in a group called “Hot Boys”

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