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Lil Wayne going to jail

Updated on June 24, 2015
Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

It is official, Rolling Stone just reported that Lil Wayne did plead guilty and will go to jail. Unfamous rapper will face a year sentence in prison after pleading guilty in the second degree to attempted possession of a weapon. This all took place Thursday morning in a New York courtroom.

This all started when NYPD discovered a handgun in the Lil Wayne tour bus back in 2007. Lil Wayne has earlier pleaded not guilty to the same charges. Today he changed his mind after DNA evidence was found on the gun that could be used against him.

His lawyer Stacey Richman called DNA evidence according to AllHipHop "problematic" but he took the plea bargain anyway. He will most likely serve about 8 months starting next February. 

This is not his only problem, he is still facing charges in Arizona after searchers found drugs and (surprise!) a hand gun from his bus in 2008. Seems like he will have some more explaining to do before soon in the courts.

No official statement from the rapper according to Rolling Stone, he just greeted the press with "What's Up" after his court appearance this morning. Well if he cannot get his planned new CD Rebirth out by December like stated earlier, he will have plenty of time to write new material behind the bars...

Do you think Lil Wayne deserves to serve time in jail?

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    • profile image

      Mel 7 years ago

      Hope lil wayne doin aite

    • profile image

      shanaynay :) 7 years ago

      oh hellz na yu whores need to chill man go f**ck your selfs he is my man ONLY !!!!!

      im the real Mrs.Dwayne!!!


    • profile image

      ms. wayne 7 years ago

      hahaha back off bitch he is ma husben and father of ma kids!!!!

      lil waynes real wife ms. wayne

    • profile image

      LIl waYnes WiF3Y 7 years ago

      gurl shut up lil wayne is gone do him regardless of wat you sayin i freakin love lil wayne all hys music and everything..i mean he do make the wrong decisions sometimes but get off hys tip.dangggg thats my bby faeva..hopefully he aint in there to long

      ps.LIl waYn3s Wif3Y

    • profile image

      lil wayne ring tones 8 years ago

      He absolutely deserves it. He knows the consequences of his actions. That is why he pleaded guilty. That is the responsible person in the man. Lil Wayne knows that what he did needs to be paid.