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Limericks Based on Movie and TV Characters

Updated on May 30, 2021
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John values the use of humour and enjoys writing and reading limericks and jokes. He is a fan of Dr. Seuss, Edward Lear and Shel Silverstein


Limericks based on Movie and TV Characters

This collection of limericks uses heroes and characters from TV and movies for inspiration. I have tried to select characters, TV shows and movies that most people are familiar with. Hopefully at least some of these give you a laugh.


Super Surrealism

Superman the Man of Steel,

Met Salvador Dali in the town of Medfield.

He said, 'Paint my picture

As a top baseball pitcher."

The red sox and cape looked surreal.

James Bond (Sean Connery)
James Bond (Sean Connery) | Source

The Ultimate Bond Girl

James Bond Agent 007,

Was so suave and attractive to women,

Though the girl he adored

Was called Pussy Galore,

A name that was made in Man's Heaven.

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay
Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay | Source
Alpaca | Source

Anti-Smoking Alpaca

I once owned a pet alpaca

That hated the smell of tobacc(a).

When I lit up a smoke,

He'd cough and he'd choke.

His face would distort like Chewbacca.

Chewbacca, Star Wars
Chewbacca, Star Wars | Source
The Flash
The Flash | Source

The Incredible Flash

A superhero named the Flash

From here to there would always dash.

He rushed into a tunnel,

Now he's poured through a funnel,

And the train was delayed in the crash.

Amy Pond and The Doctor
Amy Pond and The Doctor | Source

A Girl Called 'Pond'.

There once was a girl they called 'Pond'.

Of 'The Doctor' she was quite fond.

Though 'Rory' she wed,

What got into her head?

As companion for 'Who', she belonged.

Amy and Rory
Amy and Rory | Source

Castle Wrestle

A mystery writer named 'Castle'

Caused the New York police quite a hassle.

His attraction to Beckett

Made the situation delicate,

Because with her he wanted to wrestle.


Star Trekking

Star Trek the Next Generation

Captured many an imagination.

Though the original show,

Went where others won't go.

Mr Spock the show's greatest creation.

Mr Spock
Mr Spock | Source

© 2014 John Hansen


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