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Updated on January 3, 2010



"Hey, I'm down here
Clutzo brain,
did you ever take
a look at me,
while your stuffing
your fat gullet,
remember how shiny
this floor used to be,
before you worked
so hard to dull it
My face is covered
with the many zits
from your messy dribbled
and unnibbled bits,
your spills, your slops,
some barley and hops,
have you ever

purchased any mops,
walking all over me
as you stop and go,
pause and give me a bath
in some mop and glo!!
petrified mashed potatoes
smooshed everywhere,
a curmudgeon of cream of beef
rots right over there,
squashed blueberries,
peaches....and m+m's,
did you ever catch the look
on the face of your friends,
enough bread crumbs
to feed a thousand sparrows,
enough leftovers to fill
ten tiny gnomes wheelbarrows,
kool-aid splashed from
your toddlers sippy cups,
mud and dirt by the back door,
from boots and messy pups,
grease thickly puddled
super gooey by the stove,
all the ants in town are finding
this place a treasure trove,
it's a vast Jackson Pollock,
but it ain't worth a dime,
I smell like a dumpster,
so clean me some time,
then you might be amazed
at how white I can be,
get a mop, scrub this slop,
and set my brilliance free.

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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      :D When did you talk to my kitchen floor? LOL!

      Haha.. just kidding... I hope my floor wouldn't talk like that... :P