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Linda McCartney: Paul McCartney's Inspiration

Updated on April 11, 2010

Paul McCartney has been thought of as one of the all-time greatest legends of music history. Known as the "cute" Beatle, Paul later took off on his quest for happiness and belonging, which he felt void of after the break-up of The Beatles. It was during the decline of the band in 1967 that he was introduced to the photographer, the young Linda Eastman. Linda was divorced from Bob See, and was raising their daughter Heather. At this point, Linda was just starting her new career. She went to London, as a fan of Paul's music, vying for a chance to meet him in person. The two hit it off, and on March 12, 1969, they were married. Shortly after, The Beatles separated and Paul plunged into his solo career as a pop singer/songwriter.

Inspired by their honeymoon year, Paul wrote the song "Maybe I'm Amazed" which was released in 1970 on the album entitled "McCartney". No question this song was written about and for Linda when he says "...maybe I'm amazed with the way you're with me all the time/maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you." The couple spent every day together, and it seemed the public was equally "amazed" at how much in love the couple was. "The Lovely Linda" and "Every Night" were also tracks on "McCartney", summing up more feelings for Linda. Paul's next solo album in 1971, "Ram", the track "Long Haired Lady" can also be linked to the illustrious Linda. Linda played her part by providing background vocals and sound for all of Paul's songs and remained photographer for all his albums for the next 27 years.

Shortly after "Ram", Paul started his band Wings. Their first album "Wild Life" turned out to be one bereft of public attention, and also without much inspiration. Making up for that in 1973, Wings' second album "Red Rose Speedway" was born. This album contained the track "My Love", which because a romantic ballad and chart hit. This song, too, was without a doubt meant for Linda, reflecting her life with his.

The next Wings album, "Band on the Run" in 1973, was full of chart hits and love songs. "Let Me Roll It' and "No Words" again spoke about Linda. During this time, they had two family additions of their own: Mary and Stella. Paul became known as a family man. With the family at his side, he went on to earn success yet again in 1975 with the album "Venus and Mars" in an effort to reach the top.

When Wings produced "At The Speed of Sound" in 1976, Linda made her debut with singing "Cook Of The House", while Paul did more tracks with her as his inspiration-"She's My Baby" and "Silly Love Songs" both reflect yet another facet of their relationship.

During the 1980's, Paul made several more albums, including "Press to Play" in 1986, with tracks "Press" and "Only Love Remains" as further tributes to the love he shared with his wife.

Through the 1990's up until Linda's untimely death in 1998 from breast cancer, Paul never stopped writing and singing songs that made Linda smile. He proved their love was still budding with the album "Flaming Pie" released in 1997, with "Calico Skies" and "Beautiful Night".

Paul's life now is vastly different without Linda. With the world-famous divorce to his second wife, Heather Mills, things couldn't be more dissimilar. When still in love during the first part of his marriage, Paul did compose a few songs for Heather, but nothing near the works he did when writing and singing ones for Linda. Linda was the love of his life, and always will be.


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      So interesting. I assumed he really loved her of course staying with her but I didn't know all this. A shame with all her money she had to die such a tragic death so early. ^

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