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Lindsay Lohan In Trouble Again

Updated on June 15, 2012
All rights to this photo belong to TMZ
All rights to this photo belong to TMZ | Source

It's gotten to the point when you hear Lindsay Lohan has gotten into trouble again, it comes as no surprise. It's become like Groundhog Day with her. She gets in trouble, she's let off the hook, she gets into trouble again. Wash, rinse and repeat.

When you heard her story for the car accident she got into if you looked at the damage to the vehicle it didn't make much sense. Most of the damage was done on the passenger side. If the truck driver had side-swiped her and she'd slammed into the back of him, wouldn't most of the damage be on the driver's side of the vehicle? There's also the fact that if you run into the back of someone's car, it's usually because you're driving too close to their back bumper. When driving behind someone you're supposed to leave enough space so if they suddenly stop you'll have enough space to stop without banging into their back end. And when someone is trying to pass you, you're supposed to ease back on the speed to let them pass. So the damage to the car didn't really support the story.

Afterwards came more accusations. She tried to get her assistant to lie that she was driving instead of her. She had a bottle of vodka in a water bottle, which doesn't sound good, since most people don't carry their vodka around in a used water bottle. Then she claimed her brakes failed her. In short, none of it was her fault. The latest happened today when paramedics were called to her hotel room when they thought she was unconscious because they couldn't wake her up. Of course, one has to wonder if she was passed out from consuming a water bottle full of vodka.

The sad truth is several years back there were several girls around Lindsay Lohan's peer group who were as out-of-control as Lohan was: Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. For the most part those three have gotten their lives together, while Lohan is still spinning out of control. Spears father stepped in and literally got her back on the right track and today she's a judge on X-Factor and isn't making the headlines for getting out of cars with no underwear on. Unfortunately, neither of Lohan's parents seem willing to do what Jamie Spears did to get his daughter back on track.

Nicole Ritchie seemed to get her act together once she had a baby and she's been leading a pretty healthy lifestyle ever since. Adding to Lohan's problems could be having to do with her sexual orientation. She had a same sex relationship with Sam Ronson. Whether she's bisexual or a lesbian remains to be seen, but having to deal with your sexual orientation in the glare of the spotlight can't be an easy thing to do. Especially, and it's mere speculation, her handlers are worried that if she comes out of the closet it could adversely affect her acting career.

And Paris Hilton seemed to stop making headlines for bad behavior after a country refused to let her enter it because of her bad reputation. Maybe that was what finally got through to her how bad she was getting, when they refused to allow you into their country. Nothing like that has happened to Lohan. In fact, that she's been given another acting job, shows she's not suffering any ostracization for her bad behavior.

Every person has a different thing that makes them take a good hard look at themselves and to get their life back together. That moment that will make Lohan have that defining moment of realizing she's trashing her life and needs to get it back on track hasn't seemed to occurred. But then it appears she's surrounded by people enabling her behavior and just encouraging her to continue on as she has been.

The problem with Lohan is she keeps being given second chance after second chance. I remember hearing she once bragged she could do anything and get away with it, and so far it's been true. When you don't have to face the consequences for your actions, you never feel you have to be responsible for the things you're doing. It's the basic belief you'll have to pay the consequences for what you do that makes you follow the laws and walk the straight and narrow. It's why we have laws in this country, so people will know if they break the law, they'll have to pay a price for it. Unfortunately, the justice system has given her a free pass for all the various crimes and misdemeanors she's committed. And Hollywood keeps giving her jobs, so she doesn't even have to suffer the consequences for her actions by not being able to get any work.

I suppose the justice system and Hollywood think they're doing her a favor by not making her suffer any consequences for her actions, but they really aren't. The time has come for Lohan to be treated the way the rest of us would be treated if we'd done the things she's done and blown chance after chance. Giving her chance after chance doesn't work with her. It gives her the impression she can get away with anything and never have to pay any consequences for her actions. If she's forced to pay the consequences for her actions, that may be what it takes for her to finally get her life together as Spears and Ritchie and many other celebrities have who were spinning out of control.

It's really getting to the point that making her face the consequences could end up saving her life. Every time Lohan gets into one of her scrapes, someone is predicting that her death is imminent. The truth is she's very lucky she wasn't seriously injured in this car accident. And her assistant is also very lucky she didn't get seriously hurt, since most of the damage to the car was on the side she was driving on.

Her reckless behavior could lead to her causing the death of herself or someone else. And the sad thing is if it does happen, it's not even going to be Lohan's fault, ultimately. Yeah, she'll be the one the causes it to happen, but it's the justice system had done what it was supposed to do instead of giving her chance after chance, she might have gotten the help she needs. It might have gotten her away from all these people who continue to enable her destructive behavior. If something happens to her, it's the justice system that's really to blame.

There used to be something called the Three Strikes Law. Lohan has had more than three strikes. Bottom line, giving her free passes isn't helping her, it's hurting her. It's not helping her get her life together. The only thing that may help her finally get her life together before things go too far is for her to do real jail time. It may be the only thing that will finally get through to her that she needs to stop what she's doing and get her life together.


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