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Lingaa Tamil movie review

Updated on December 13, 2014

Lingaa Rajini

Lingaa movie review
Lingaa movie review

Lingaa Tamil movie review

Enjoy this Lingaa movie review (Tamil) written by a Rajini fan. Just like every other Tamil person, everyone wants Rajini to succeed in anything he does from the bottom of their hearts as fans see and feel his true intention to do something good for the people. Rajini fans will always be proud to be his ardent fan as Rajini has never let them down. Rajinikanth is a real superstar, lives up to the expectations of his fans and delivers yet again.

Thalaivar is not able to move swiftly during fights or dance sequences due to his health and it shows. Being a Rajini fan, I can see his sincere efforts and love to just see him on screen. But for those that do not know Rajini, I could see why they would shake their head in disbelief. There is a thin line between being a super star and a "power star". Thalaivar is still the Superstar for all the right reasons. This Lingaa Tamil movie review has many spoilers and uncensored views - do not read and just go watch the movie if you are concerned.

Typically, in most Rajini movies, Rajini becomes a very rich man from a very poor status (rags to riches in one song). Annamalai, Baasha, Arunachalam, Padaiyappa are some examples. In this movie (just like Muthu), Rajini starts off as a super rich Jamindar King and loses all his wealth for the welfare of poor people. However, after losing every physical asset, he stays a happy man with a total peace of mind. Japanese fans love this aspect of the movies - which involves sacrifice and good heart even at the face of extreme difficulties.

Lingaa movie details

The best part of Lingaa movie is the episode shot during 1939 to 1944 (when World War II was in progress). It is sad that many people do not know India's part in World War II. Any movie that captures those historical facts and conveys the real message to this generation is valuable. Most of the World war movies are made by Western filmmakers (Hollywood) and they show England and America as heroes and how they saved the world from the Axis powers led by Hitler.

The truth is that England got funding for the war by looting India. They got all the gemstones and precious metals and materials by forcing or tricking the local kings. India from being a super rich country with wealth beyond anyone's imagination lost everything and became a poor nation with nothing but debt and poor infrastructure. Not only India lost all her wealth, no credit was given and England is treated as the Victor of WWII. Raja Lingeshwaran's character is basically symbolizing India's sad state. He loses everything to a British collector and ends up in a poor hut but finds happiness in good health and peace of mind. This Lingaa Tamil movie review is proud of this movie for communicating the facts to the world while all other reviewers are judging the movie purely based on entertainment value.

Songs are awesome. AR Rahman has nailed it. Yet another masterpiece from the genius.

My personal favorite "Indiane Vaa..." is not shot in one continuous sequence. There are dialogs during the song picturization and Rajini does not give lip movement for the song which is a let down for me. Mona Mona song (Wow Mano!) shows up in the first half hour. Good to watch - picturization is not as good as the song - as the song rocked big time - it is hard to match the grandeur I guess!

Rajini's philosophical and spiritual dialogs are great especially when King Lingeshwara talks about life in his last scene to the villagers and in scenes with the British collector.

Santhanam has some good one liners in this movie. Did Karunakaran get at least one line in the movie? Brahmanandam for just one scene and not too funny - atrocious waste of talent!

Thalaivar's age and health condition are showing. Speed is lacking, but his acting talent is shining like never before - tremendous! His facial expressions, dialogs, differentiating King Lingeshwar's body language from the thief Lingaa is awesome. One can feel the determination in King Lingeshwaran's eyes and mannerisms. He has portrayed a real leader convincingly. Rajinikanth is a great actor and he has proved it yet again.

same old same old:
There is a scene with snake and Rajini is dumbfound (is this for a sentiment?)
K S Ravikumar shows up in the climax (please stop)
introduction song in various countries (but it is a dream of rajini in jail)
there is definitely a big lack of imagination in the director's team. He is stuck to the 80s logic.... please directors, wake up and think some new ways of scene

Lingaa bulllet points

Rajini and Rajini - excellent acting in Raja Lingeshwaran role
Great mannerism, dialog delivery and of course his in-born style

A R Rahman - background score and songs - awesome!
Camerawork - Rathnavel - great work!
K S Ravikumar's execution - really - shooting completed in just 6 months? wow!

Anushka and Sonakshi - plump and bubbly actresses - yeahhhh!

K S Ravikumar's old style of story telling
Choppy editing in some places
No guts (from director or Rajini) to name names - instead they show a generic
dam with local MPs as villains.

I cannot believe director KS Ravikumar created a character - an English lady as the wife who is treated badly by an Indian husband (Raja Lingeshwaran's assistant). She shows up only in a couple of scenes and gets a dirty look and no respect by her husband. The bast**d even justifies his behavior by saying - since the British treat Indians like dogs, he is doing what he can - treating his British wife like a b**ch... so sad - directors think this will get applause.

Lingaa Rajini
Lingaa Rajini
Rajini getting ready for Lingaa shoot
Rajini getting ready for Lingaa shoot

Lingaa movie story

Warning : spoiler alert! If you plan to watch the movie, do not read this any further:
Movie starts off with some honest Engineer (Ponvannan) getting murdered on a dam. Local MP (Jagapathy Babu) is trying to bribe the Engineer to certify the dam as weak so that he can approve to build new one for Rs.40,000 crores (he pockers 10%). Engineer puts the certificate in a thumb drive (rudraksha seed - rajini's touch) and throws it inside a temple near the dam. Temple has been closed for 70 years. Village head wants King Lingeshwaran's grandson Lingaa to open the temple. Lingaa is a city thief. The villagers (Anushka) finds Lingaa and brings him to the village.

Her grandfather (village head K Viswanath) tells him and everyone the story of King Lingeshwara and how he built the dam.

King Lingeshwara's episode shot in 1939 timeframe (about 1 hour - 30 minutes before interval and 30 minutes after interval) is great. The rich king sacrifices everything to get the damn dam built. British collector Lawrence is the villain and does not want the dam to be built. King Linga successfully finishes building the dam and on opening day, he is blamed of real estate fraud surrounding the dam and is evicted from the village. Heartbroken he leaves the village with his wife (daughter of a villager - Sonakshi Sinha) and leads a simple life in some unknown place.

Back to 2014. The local politician wants to destroy the dam so that he can build a new one and get commission of around Rs. 4000 crores. Lingaa, originally a thief, has a new found respect for his grandfather, King Lingeshwaran. He finds the thumb drive in the temple and reveals the MP's motives to the villagers. MP kidnaps Anushka, hero chases and saves the girl and the dam. All is well!

Lingaa movie trailer

Linga public opinion

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