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What to Expect from Lip$ha by Ke$ha and The Flaming Lips

Updated on May 8, 2014
Kesha never publicly said anything about the cancellation of Lip$ha but she expressed her frustration in a private Direct Message (DM) to a fan
Kesha never publicly said anything about the cancellation of Lip$ha but she expressed her frustration in a private Direct Message (DM) to a fan

Update 5/4/2014: Lip$ha is happening

Kesha has been in a bitter fight with her label Kemosabe Records. She refused to make any new albums for the label because she didn't have any creative freedom and she had no say over single releases. There are allegations her boss Dr. Luke was abusive and his bullying was blamed for the apparently almost fatal anorexia and bulimia that sent her to rehab in January 2014. It seems like there have been behind-the-scenes negotiations of some kind between Kesha and Luke since she exited rehab in March. The Flaming Lips confirmed on Twitter that the album will be released whenever Kesha's legal situation is sorted out.

Yessss!! Lip$$ha is still comin!!! Soon as Ke$ha works out her stuff with Luke..

2:19 PM - 4 May 2014

Update 11/7/2013: Lip$ha Has Been Cancelled

Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips tweeted that Lip$ha has been cancelled:

As of now ...sadly there will be no Lip$ha.... I can't say why... It is sad...

— Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne) November 7, 2013

We don't know if this is temporary or permanent. Wayne retweeted tweets from fans asking if Ke$ha's label boss Dr. Luke is to blame. He may be punishing her for putting her support behind the #FreeKesha movement.

Ke$ha and Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips
Ke$ha and Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips

What Is Lip$ha?

Lip$ha is the current title of a collaboration album between pop artist Ke$ha and alternative artists The Flaming Lips. Wayne Coyne first mentioned the project in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) in April 2013. When he was asked what it was like working with Ke$ha, he responded,

SHe is a blast on all levels. She's funny, she's humble. She's badass. She's everything. She's awesome. We're actually already working on an album with her. It's called Lip$ha.

Ke$ha has been tight-lipped (no pun intended) about the project when asked about it in interviews. It looks like they are waiting for approval from her label and she seems unwilling to discuss whatever is going on behind the scenes likely due to a strained relationship with her label boss Dr. Luke.

Fan Question to Wayne Coyne

How Did The Flaming Lips and Ke$ha First Get Together?

Wayne Coyne was asked a question about Ke$ha during a fan Q&A,

Question: I was wondering your opinion on Ke$ha listing you as a major influence in her music. Are we going to see a collaboration between Ke$ha and The Flaming Lips?

Wayne: I was not aware of how much Ke$ha was liking our music. But since you brought that to my attention, I will get someone to give me her number and call her, and I'll suggest that we do something together.

I have to say, I was surprised he knew who she was. But maybe I shouldn't have been surprised that alternative music's main crazy person was aware of pop music's main crazy person. Ke$ha heard about this and through messages on both Facebook and Twitter asked the band to call her. They first got together in the middle of 2011.

2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)

Ke$ha on Heady Fwends

Ke$ha's first collaboration with The Flaming Lips was the fantastic opening track to the band's Heady Fwends album. The song 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded) also featured Biz Markie. The song was written by Wayne Coyne, Kesha Sebert and Pebe Sebert (Ke$ha's proud mom). Heady Fwends was a critical success, and 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded) was singled out for extra praise by many critics.

Past Lives

Wayne Coyne Discusses Ke$ha

The Flaming Lips and Warrior

Ke$ha and The Flaming Lips got together again to collaborate on tracks for her Warrior album. They worked on several songs but only the very beautiful Past Lives managed to make the final tracklist and only on the Deluxe version of the album.

Past Lives was written by Kesha Sebert, produced by The Flaming Lips and had a strings arrangement written by Ben Folds (the same Ben Folds who covered Ke$ha's Sleazy). Thankfully, she has a sense of humor and the two Nashville residents became friends (or perhaps fwends) after she told him she loved his Sleazy cover.

Needless to say, Wayne wasn't too thrilled about most of his Warrior tracks being rejected by Dr. Luke and we can assume Ke$ha wasn't too happy either. All of those tracks will hopefully find a home on Lip$ha.

Past Lives
Past Lives


Produced by The Flaming Lips


Elizabeth My Dear

Stone Roses Cover

Another more recent collaboration between Kesha and The Flaming Lips is a cover of Elizabeth My Dear by The Stone Roses. Kesha was originally announced as a collaborator on the song. However, when the album came out her name was noticeably absent. It turned out Dr. Luke refused to give her permission to appear on the track, so she appeared uncredited.

Machine Gun Love Won't Be On Lip$ha

You Control My Heart

Sex Toys

What Else to Expect?

Ke$ha fans desperately want a recorded version of Machine Gun Love. But don't expect the song to appear on Lip$ha. Unfortunately, it wasn't done with The Flaming Lips. Ke$ha will have to keep fighting with Dr. Luke to get it on her next album or EP.

We have some snippets of other songs. The most anticipated is You Control My Heart, which sounds like something that could be released to pop radio and that would likely crossover to rhythmic, HAC, AC and alternative stations. The song may be a duet with Wayne although we don't know for certain yet. The only other titles I'm aware of are Powerful and Sex Toys.

Right now, we don't have many music samples. But the available few sound fantastic. Add to that the available released tracks 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded), Elizabeth My Dear and Past Lives. and I'm expecting this to be a great album.

Unknown Songs

If you can't get enough of Ke$ha, Wayne Coyne and Ben Folds...

© 2013 JoanCA


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    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 4 years ago

      You're welcome bat115. I got into The Flaming Lips about 5 years ago. I still haven't heard all their stuff. They have so much. I got into Ke$ha in early 2012 when I stumbled on some of her unreleased demos and I was very impressed.

    • bat115 profile image

      Tim 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Thanks for writing this hub or I would probably never have known of it! Lifelong fan of Flaming Lips but only recently started liking Ke$ha.

    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 4 years ago


      I love both as well.

    • profile image

      Bryan 4 years ago

      I'm really looking forward to this. I love both Ke$ha and the Lips.

    • JoanCA profile image

      JoanCA 4 years ago


      Wayne recently confirmed on Twitter that it is happening but he doesn't have a release date. I'm hoping for early 2014.

    • bat115 profile image

      Tim 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Interesting. I am a fan of the "Lips" and never heard of this Ke$ha collaboration!