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Lisa Kelly: The Ice Road Lady Trucker

Updated on January 21, 2017
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Lisa Kelly's profile on the History Channel, Ice Road Trucker's site.
Lisa Kelly's profile on the History Channel, Ice Road Trucker's site. | Source

I admire Lisa Kelly of the Ice Road Truckers reality TV series, from the History channel. She's taken this season off from the show and I just don't find the Ice Road Truckers very interesting to watch without her.

I started watching the Ice Road Truckers on the History channel because I wanted to see Lisa Kelly drive those big 18 wheelers and do it well.

Even when she wasn't sure of herself, she looked like she was going to make it. The more she did, the more success she had, the more challenges they gave her.

Then, she went to India and South America, The Deadliest Roads, for two different seasons. Whether the roads led her to the edge of steep cliff faces or through narrow, twisted tunnels of solid rock, Lisa went to work, persevered, used her wits and came through.

I watched her navigating tiny, winding roads while carrying a load of TNT (explosives). She decided she was going to do it and so she did it. She was the only one still on the road at that point. The others, all men, had turned down the job as being too risky. So why did this one woman do it? I don't know for sure. But she did.

The Ice Road Truckers Without Lisa

This year, Lisa Kelly isn't on the Ice Road Truckers reality TV show. I miss her. The show is pretty flat without Lisa to cheer on. Maybe she just didn't want another year of performing for the camera. Maybe she didn't really like being on TV and the resulting publicity. It would be hard to live with at times. There were expectations placed on her to be more than just another lady trucker.

So, for this season at least, Lisa is still working up north, still driving, but not going on camera. I hope she comes back again. But, only if she really wants to do it. I don't think I'd like being a TV personality.

If you're missing seeing Lisa on the Ice Road Truckers this season you might send a note to the History channel or a quick fan note to Lisa herself. Maybe you will get an answer, maybe not.

Keep on Truckin'


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