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List of funny names in sports

Updated on December 19, 2012

For years I've always had a knack for coming up with different funny name variations for players and teams. I just felt like I could put that to good use in this hub. Some of it might be funny to you, some of it not. Some of them are common and I didn't come up with them, but I thought they were funny. Whatever floats your boat. It's all in good fun here, and no malice is intended. So hopefully some of you aren't offended by some of the names I came up with if it concerns your favorite players or teams.

1. Seattle Seachickens- Comes from the NFL team, Seattle Seahawks. Other names: Seattle Seabags.

2. Derrick Blows- A name for NBA star, Derrick Rose, that I've seen used on the internet a lot. Other names: Derrick Froze, Errick Rose(no D because of no defense), DBlows(his defense blows).

3. Aaron Fraudgers- Another name I've seen used a lot on the internet for superstar QB, Aaron Rodgers. Other names: Sharon Broadgers.

4. Bum Brady- Another name for NFL superstar QB, Tom Brady. Other names: Scum Brady, Tom Shady, Tom Baby, Tom Lady.

5. Dallas Cowgirls- Name for the polarizing NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. Other names: LOLBoys, Dallas Cryboys, Dallas Cowpies. Nothing to see here.


6. Fright Coward- A name for NBA star, Dwight Howard. Other names: Superwoman, Slight Coward, Plight Howard.

7. Phony Romo- A name for QB star, Tony Romo. Other names: Tony Choko, Baloney Romo. There's another one, but some people might get offended so I won't post it. Replace the R in his last name with an H.

8. Minnesota Viqueens- A common name for the Minnesota Vikings. Other names: Purple People Garbage.

9. Sacramento Queens- Obvious derogatory name for the Sacramento Kings, famously coined by Shaquille O'Neal.

10. Los Angeles Fakers- For the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers. Other names: Los Angeles Takers for always taking what they want in trades.


11. LeChoker Shames- Name for NBA superstar, LeBron James. Other names: LeBrick(from Skip Bayless), LeYawn Fames, LeBack Pains, LeHairline, LeFlop, LeUgly Lames.

12. CP58- A name for NBA superstar, Chris Paul, who lost by 58 pts to the Denver Nuggets in a playoff game. Other names: CPKnee, CPMe, Miss Paul, Miss Fall.

13. New York Stankees- Most sports heads have heard of this for the MLB's New York Yankees. Other names: New York Bankees(for always having the biggest payroll).

14. OKC Blunder- Name for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder. Other names: JOklahoma City Thunder or JOKC(with emphasis on "joke").

15. Miami cHeat- For the NBA's Miami Heat and coined for no apparent reason by many message boarders other than sounding funny. Other names: Cryami Heat.


16. Kome Bryant- A name for NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, and coined because of his perceived "me" attitude. Other names: Korby Bryant, Hobe Cryant, The Garter Snake(a name I came up with and a dig at Kobe who calls himself the very poisonous and dangerous, Black Mamba), Chokebe Bryant, Chucke Bryant, Chuckbe, Chokebe, Chucker 24.

17. Bake Chicken- A name for Blake Griffin. Don't ask me how I came up with this. Other names: Cake Lickin, Flake Griffin.

18. Pau Gasoft- A dig at NBA star, Pau Gasol. Many also think he looks like an ostrich.

19. Kneeancarlo Stanton- A dig at Giancarlo Stanton who has knee problems. Although this is not funny in actuality but the knee injury wasn't thought to be serious so I named him that to tease an owner in one of my fantasy baseball leagues who owns him. On a side note, Giancarlo Stanton is also the inspiration for the first part of my pen name.

20. Ason Ki- A play at Jason Kidd for no defense and no "J" or jump shot. Even though Kidd is a solid defender.

Boshasaurus | Source

21. Bosh Spice- A dig at NBA star, Chris Bosh. People also poke fun of Chris Bosh for looking like a dinosaur. Other names: Boshasaurus, Miss Bosh.

22. Barlos Coozer- A name I gave for the NBA star, Carlos Boozer.

23. Fruity Gay- A name for Rudy Gay. Since his last name was Gay already, you can't get offended. :P

24. Marshmelo Anthony- A dig at NBA star, Carmelo Anthony for being soft. Other names: Carmella Anthony, Carfailo Canthony, Carmelblow Canthony.

25. Jabroken Elsbody- For MLB star, Jacoby Ellsbury who's often injured. Other names: Tacoby Bellsbury, Jacoby Failsbury.

26. San Francisco 40 whiners- A dig at the NFL's, San Francisco 49ers.

27. Losston Failtics- A dig at the Boston Celtics.

28. Steve Trash- For NBA star Steve Nash.

29. DLame Fade- For NBA star Dwyane Wade. Other names: Wheelchair Wade.

30. Dirk Noringzki- A name for NBA superstar, Dirk Nowitzki, before he won a ring. Other names: Irk Nowitzki(no D in his name for lack of defense).


31. New England Cheatriots- Coined for the NFL's New England Patriots for the Spygate scandal.

32. Jokim Bloah- Dig at NBA center Joakim Noah.

33. Bill Belicheat- A shot at New England Cheatriots', I mean Patriots' coach, Bill Belichick. Other names: Bell Billichick.

34. Milwaukee Chucks- A name for the Milwaukee Bucks after acquiring Monta Ellis. A backcourt of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings will result in a large number of chucks. Other names: Milwaukee Sucks.

35. Washington Deadskins- For the NFL's, Washington Redskins. Other names: Fraudshington Headspins, Foreskins, Skidmarks, Skids. Hope those aren't too vulgar for you. (^_^)

36. Tampa Bay Succaneers- Dig at the NFL's, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

37. San Diego Super Chokers- For the NFL's San Diego Chargers for constantly coming up short.

38. Philadelphia Sheagles- A dig at NFL's Philadelphia Sheagles. Other names: Philadelphia Beagles(after acquiring Mike Vick, who was convicted for dog fighting), Philthy(all Philadelphia teams teams can be considered Philthy).

39. Oakland Faiders- A shot at the NFL team, Oakland Raiders. Other names, Jokeland Raiders.

40. Cleveland Clowns- Name for the Cleveland Browns. Other names: Grieveland Browns.


41. Ben Rapelisberger- Derogatory name for NFL star QB, Ben Roethlisberger after his rape scandal. Other names: Big Ben Worthlisberger, Inspiteofberger, Ben Copafeelberger, Ben Rapistberger.

42. Green Bay Fudgepackers- A derogatory name for the Green Bay Packers. ((Whistles)) Nothing to see here.

43. BSPN- A derogatory name for the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. Other names: LeESPN(for constantly talking about LeBron James).

44. Fluffalo Seals- Name for the Buffalo Bills. I don't know how I came up with this. Just sounded funny.

45. Fluketrashian Foster- A name I came up with for star RB, Arian Foster, two years ago when I thought he was fluke trash. Obviously I was wrong about that one.

46. Maurice Breaking-Down-Drew- A name I have recently given star RB, Maurice Jones-Drew, because I believe he will breakdown.

47. Gory Machete- Name for NBA swingman, Corey Maggette. Other names: Corey Spaghetti.

48. WOATmac- Derogatory name for NBA star, Tracy McGrady. The "WOAT" standing for "Worst of All-Time." Other names: Tracy McLady.

49. Reggie Bust- Another name for NFL RB, Reggie Bush

50. Denver Thuggets- Name for the NBA's Denver Nuggets when they used to have Carmelo Antony, Kenyon Martin, and JR Smith.


51. Portland Jail Blazers- Name for the Portland Trail Blazers when they had many players with off-the-court problems such as Rasweed(Rasheed) Wallace, Damon Stoudemire, Zach Randolph, and Ruben Patterson. Other names: Portland Jail Chasers, Shortland Trail Blazer(From an episode of Martin when Pam called Martin a Shortland Trail Blazer).

52. Freddie Freewoman. Name for MLB first basemen, Freddie Freeman.

53. Bad Luck Lee. A name for star pitcher, Cliff Lee for having so much bad luck this season. Has only won two games this season. Other names: Whiff Lee.

54. DeAngelo Fall- For NFL CB DeAngelo Hall's horrible covering skills.

55. Philip Shivers- For star QB, Philip Rivers. Other names: Philip Quivers

56. Fatt Cain- Named after MLB star pitcher, Matt Cain.

57. Manu Ginosebili- For NBA star, Manu Ginobili's big nose. Other names: Manu Giugbili, Manu Ginosebleed, Manure Giugly.

58. Rodney Suckey- After NBA point guard, Rodney Stuckey. Other names: Fraudney Chuckey.

59. Serge Iblaka- Name for outstanding shot-blocking NBA power forward, Serge Ibaka.

60. O.J. Miracle Whip- Instead of NBA swingman's real name, O.J. Mayo.

Mugshot of Miggy after being arrested for DWI.
Mugshot of Miggy after being arrested for DWI. | Source

61. Piguel Cabrera- For MLB superstar third basemen, Miguel Cabrera. Other names: Swiggy(after his alcohol incident), Piggy, Bigwhale Cabrera, Swigale Cabrera.

62. Boston Dead Sox- For the MLB's Boston Red Sox. Other names: Pink Hat Nation

63. Justin Verlaunchingpad- A name for MLB superstar pitcher, Justin Verlander, for giving up a lot of home runs.

64. Bungals- Derogatory name for the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals.

65. Aints- Derogatory name for the NFL's New Orleans Saints. Other names: New Orleans Cants, New Orleans Taints(O_O).

66. Pittsburgh Stealers. For the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. Other names: Pittsburgh Squeelers, Steroid Curtain(mocking the Steel Curtain).

67. Orlando Tragic- After the NBA's Orlando Magic.

68. James Soften- After NBA's swingman, James Harden.

69. Kendra Perkins- NBA center, Kendrick Perkins

70. Kevin Garnott- For NBA superstar PF, Kevin Garnett.

71. Chuckbrook- For NBA star PG, Russell Westbrook. Other names: Russell Westbrick, Russell Lessbrook.

72. JaFail McGee- Named after the hilarious, dimwitted NBA center, JaVale McGee. Need I say more?------------------------------------------->

73. Mike Clown- For Los Angeles Lakers coach, Mike Brown.

74. Adam Lamewright- For MLB starter, Adam Wainwright. Other names: Adam Wainwrong.

75. Stephen Trashburg- For MLB phenom starter, Stephen Strasburg. Other names: Stephen Strasgarbage.

76. Fatdam Done- After MLB powerful first basemen, Adam Dunn.

77. Derek Cheater- For legend shortstop, Derek Jeter.

78. Alex Fraudriguez- For MLB superstar, Alex Rodriguez. Other names: AChoke, AFraud, ARoid.

79. Aintwon Cantmison- For NBA veteran PF, Antawn Jamison.

80. Shonta Faillis- For NBA star guard, Monta Ellis.

81. Folden St. Warriors- After the NBA's Golden St. Warriors.

82. Fatt Berry- For well-known ESPN fantasy sports writer, Matt Berry.

83. GWomen- Name for the NFL's defending Super Bowl champion, the New York Giants.

84. Indianapolis Dolts- For the NFL's Indianapolis Colts.

85. Albert Pooholes- For superstar first basemen, Albert Pujols. Other names: Fat Albert

86. Chokelahoma Sooners- For the college football team, Oklahoma Sooners.

87. Chokehio St. Suckeyes- For the college football, Ohio St. Buckeyes. Other names: Luckeyes.

88. Manrena- Derogatory name for tennis superstar, Serena Williams.

89. USC Condoms- Coined for the college football program, USC Trojans. Named after the Trojan condoms.

90. Kevin Poukilis- Named after the Chicago White Sox 3rd basemen, Kevin Youkilis. Other names: Pukelis, PUKKKE(instead of YOUUUUUK crowd chant).


91. Tim Lincegarbage- For the San Francisco Giants 2x Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum. Other names: Tim Lincetrash, Tim Lincesuck, Mitch Kramer(for looking like Mitch Kramer from Dazed and Confused).

92. New York Bricks- After the NBA's famed, New York Knicks. Other names: New York Pricks.

93. Los Angeles Slippers- For the NBA's, Los Angeles Clippers.

94. Houston Rockettes- Derogatory name for the NBA, Houston Rockets.

95. Tayshaun Princess- After NBA forward, Tayshaun Prince.

96. Chicago Dulls- For the NBA's Chicago Bulls.

97. Boston Ruins- After the NHL's Boston Bruins.

98. Pennetration State- I feel kind of awful for typing this, but here it goes. Named after the college football program, Penn St. Nittany Lions. For obvious reasons.

99. CC Sabadthia- Named after MLB stud pitcher, CC Sabathia. Other names: CC Safathia.

100. Edwin Encarnacigarbage- For the MLB's 3rd basemen, Edwin Encarnacion. Other names: Edwin Encarnacifluke.


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