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Movies with Best Kissing Scenes

Updated on August 13, 2013
cbguillermo profile image

Caroline is a Business Management graduate with diverse work experience in the field of Banking, Communications & Retail Sales.

Here are some movies which I think have the best kissing scenes. These movies are not only romantic but award-worthy too. I've noted them as the best as they are not only artistically done but kissing was shot uniquely as well.

Romeo & Juliet's movie poster
Romeo & Juliet's movie poster
Claire Danes & Leonardo Di Caprio
Claire Danes & Leonardo Di Caprio
Romeo & Juliet inside an elevator
Romeo & Juliet inside an elevator
Leo & Claire kissed up & down the pool
Leo & Claire kissed up & down the pool

Romeo and Juliet, 1996

One of the best romantic movies ever made based on a play written by William Shakespeare. It is a tragic story about two people in love who were trapped in their family disputes.

Di Caprio was director Luhrmann's first choice to play Romeo while for Juliet's role, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Love Hewitt were also considered. But the director made the right choice casting Claire Danes for the role because her on-screen chemistry with Leo was amazing.

The film and the main casts won several awards and nominations which includes:

1997 Berlin International Film Festival

Best Actor - Leonardo di Caprio, Silver Bear Award

Alfred Bauer Award - Director Baz Luhrmann

Nominated Best Picture -Golden Bear Award

1997 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

Favorite Actor - Leonardo di Caprio

Favorite Actress - Claire Danes

1997 MTV Movie Awards

Best Female Performance - Claire Danes

Nominated for Best Kiss and Best On-Screen Duo - Leonardo di Caprio & Claire Danes

Nominated for Best Male Performance - Leonardo di Caprio

51st BAFTA Film Awards

Best Direction - Baz Luhrmann

Best Adapted Screenplay - Luhrmann and Craig Pearce

Best Film Music - Nellee Hooper

Best Production Design - Catherine Martin

Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Best Editing

Toby Maguire & Kirsten Dunst doing the "upside down kiss"
Toby Maguire & Kirsten Dunst doing the "upside down kiss"
Toby Maguire
Toby Maguire
Spiderman movie poster
Spiderman movie poster

Spiderman, 2002

Spiderman was based on Marvel comics character "Peter Parker", a high-school nerd student, who was accidentally bitten by a runaway, genetically modified, radioactive spider in a laboratory during their class's educational field trip.

Peter was orphaned as a child by an old couple, was bullied in school and was too shy to confess his admiration to his neighbor & schoolmate, Mary Jane Watson.

Things change when he discovered that he have acquired clear vision, great reflexes, precognitive sense, can stick to the wall & ceilings and can produce webs through his wrist.

Enough been said, who doesn't know Spiderman anyway? And who would never want this upside down kiss done by Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst hmm?


Jude Law kisses Norah Jones while sleeping on the cafe's counter
Jude Law kisses Norah Jones while sleeping on the cafe's counter
Norah Jones
Norah Jones
My Blueberry Nights movie poster
My Blueberry Nights movie poster

My Blueberry Nights, 2007

My Blueberry Nights was the first English language film of director Wong Kar Wai and was the first film ever done by soul singer Norah Jones.

Director Wong revealed that despite her lack of acting experience, she still was his 1st choice for the female lead. Norah on the other hand, didn't knew what Wong sees in her to cast her for the role. Jude Law cameos as her lover while Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz were cast as support.

The story revolves around a girl named Elizabeth played by Norah, who tries to recover from a broken relationship. She finds comfort in the blueberry pie the cafe owner Jeremy (Jude Law) bakes everyday despite none of his customers ever order it.

On her road to recovery, Elizabeth met a few people whose lives affected hers in a positive way. Elizabeth used to changed his name every time she go to other places. She went to Memphis, Tennessee and called herself Lizzie. She got 2 jobs to raise money to buy a car. There she met Sue Lynne (Rachel Weisz), a woman who left her husband for freedom. Her husband later died from a car crash.

Then she headed west, calling herself Beth this time. In Nevada, she met Leslie (Natalie Portman) a habitual poker player to whom she lend her money in exchange for the car should she lose in the game. Leslie's father died and regret his lost so she pays back Beth instead of giving away the car she stole from her father who already transferred the ownership despite their estrangement.

Elizabeth regularly sends Jeremy a postcard without revealing her location. The latter tries to find her by calling all the restaurants in the area. When he failed, he then sends a postcard to any restaurant where she possibly be.

Elizabeth returned to Manhattan and learned that her ex-boyfriend had already moved on with his life. She then revisited the cafe in New York City where Jeremy had a stool and counter reserved for her since she left. After indulging on her favorite blueberry pie, she then realizes that their feelings were mutual.

The movie was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Cinema Writers Circle Awards in Spain and director Wong has been nominated at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Which of the 3 kissing scenes did you liked most?

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I'll add more movies in the future should I find great and unique scenes. Thank you for reading my hub/s =)


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      love scene

    • cbguillermo profile imageAUTHOR

      Caroline Guillermo 

      8 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      @ Glimmer515, yes it's a good scene too, that's why I left this blog open-ended so I can add in more movies =)

    • Glimmer515 profile image


      8 years ago from Never Never Land

      How about the Notebook, Them kissing in the rain is one of my favorite Love scenes ever!!

    • cbguillermo profile imageAUTHOR

      Caroline Guillermo 

      9 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      Hi Malcolm! I used to write as an asian movie news reporter to, really there are a lot of good directors in Asia. I agree, seriously underrated kiss. Love it.. =)

    • MalcolmKlock profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice to see the love for Wong Kar Wai, just got finished writing a hub on him. Such a brilliant filmmaker. Seriously underrated kiss.

    • cbguillermo profile imageAUTHOR

      Caroline Guillermo 

      9 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      Thanks MissE, i'll be updating this hub to include other movies =)

    • MissE profile image


      9 years ago from Texas

      Good topic! I liked Romeo and Juliet but I have to admit I'm not a big Leo or Claire fan! I thought the way the movie was laid out and modernized was perfect though, and they did have great chemistry! :) I haven't seen the other movie. It sounds intersting and I love Norah Jones!


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