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List of Sad, Emotional and Love Songs by Ke$ha Including Unreleased

Updated on May 12, 2016
Your Love Is My Drug is the only love song by Ke$ha that became a single
Your Love Is My Drug is the only love song by Ke$ha that became a single

While You Were Sleeping

Many people only know Ke$ha's songs about partying because that's all they hear on the radio. But she has far more songs about love and relationships. The reason she isn't known for her sweet and emotional songs is because they aren't released as singles (with the exception of her third single Your Love Is My Drug). Ke$ha does want to release these kinds of songs as singles but so far her record label won't allow it.

In 2011, she tried to get fan favorite The Harold Song released from her Cannibal EP. She even asked fans to petition her label. And it seems like it was considered for release. Ke$ha had even written up a plan for the music video. But her label decided against making it a single, which must have been devastating to her. So far, they've ignored demands for the release of her touching folk pop track Last Goodbye, which is on her current album Warrior.

So, if you're not too familiar with Ke$ha's songs about love and relationships, I'll list them here by album and then I'll list her unreleased songs.


True Colors - this is a collaboration with Zedd. The song is the title track to his 2015 album. Kesha covered the song in 2016. She originally performed it live at Coachella. Due to the positive response, it was released a couple of weeks later. It was supposed to be released as a single but was pulled the day before it impacted radio. It's unknown why but label politics surrounding Kesha's lawsuit against Dr. Luke and Sony Music is a possible explanation.

Kesha is very talented: Here's why you don't know that

Warrior Album (Deluxe Version) (2012)

  • Wherever You Are - an electro track reminiscing about past loves
  • Wonderland - a country ballad reminiscing about old friendships
  • Only Wanna Dance With You - a soft rock love song that features two members of the alternative band The Strokes on guitar and drums

Past Lives

  • Love Into the Light - a song heavily influenced by In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. Ke$ha acknowledges her imperfections and asks people to stop being hateful because it hurts
  • Last Goodbye - a beautiful folk pop mid tempo with a banjo and mandolin accompaniment. The song is about emotionally letting go of her first boyfriend Harold who she was with for several years and who proposed to her not long before their relationship ended
  • Out Alive - an EDM track about coming to terms with our impending deaths and enjoying life while we're here
  • Past Lives - this is one of Ke$ha's best song and one of my all time favorite songs. And it features three of my favorites in music. It has poetic lyrics and a lovely guitar accompaniment written by Kesha Sebert, a soaring violin score written by the awesome Ben Folds and it was produced by the fantastic experimental rock band The Flaming Lips. The band's lead singer and guitarist Wayne Coyne provides backup vocals

The Harold Song (Deconstructed)

Deconstructed EP (2012)

  • Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You - this song was sung by famous country artists like Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. It was co-written by Ke$ha's mother Pebe Sebert
  • The Harold Song - this is a stripped down version of The Harold Song, which was originally on her Cannibal EP. The song is about her first love. She pours out her anger and emotions about losing him after their years long relationship ended when her singing career finally took off

Cannibal EP (2010)

  • The Harold Song - the original electro version


Animal Album (2010)

  • Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha said she wrote this song on an airplane because she missed her boyfriend when she was on a trip home to Nashville. She lived in Los Angeles at the time. She has since returned to live permanently in Nashville. Her mother finished the song with her.
  • Stephen - this song has a mix of both humor and emotion. It's about Ke$ha's obsession with a boy who showed no interest in her when she was a teenager. She wrote the song with her mother when she was 15. It seems like Ke$ha really wanted this song to become a single but it was never released
  • Hungover - Ke$ha's relationship with Harold likely ended months before the recording of Animal. This is one of the songs where she sings about her feelings of sadness after she lost him
  • Blind - this is both an angry and emotional song
  • Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - in this song, Ke$ha blames herself for what went wrong in the relationship
  • Animal - this song is a celebration of life. It's also one of Ke$ha's best songs and one of my all time favorites. Ke$ha said it's one of the songs she's most proud of. She co-wrote it with her mom


Other Albums

  • Invisible (The Barbie Diaries 2006 Soundtrack) - before she adopted the stage name Ke$ha, she recorded the song Invisible under her real name Kesha Sebert. This album is no longer available but the song is on YouTube
  • I Hate You (Don't Leave Me) and Styrofoam (Sweetersongs 1st Edition) - this is an album that's only available on iTunes. Some of the songs were recorded by teenager Kesha Sebert. A few of these songs were used on the TV shows Degrassi and Victorious.
  • Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Chimes of Freedom) - this is a cover of the Bob Dylan classic. It appeared on an album for Amnesty International. There was a mixed reaction to her cover because she was crying while recording the song on her laptop in her bedroom. Producer Bob Ezrin loved it and didn't want her to record a professional studio version. Ke$ha said about the recording "I'm so lucky and blessed, but there are moments that are just so incredibly lonely that it's indescribable. And I've never written a song that's admitted that. Singing Bob Dylan's words and feeling my own emotion through it – it was a very intense moment for me."

Unreleased Songs

  • Baby, It's You
  • Bad Dream
  • Coming Unglued
  • Dancing With the Devil - this is about Ke$ha's frustrations at being trapped in an 8 album contract with her label Kemosabe (the label that won't let her release emotional songs)
  • Disgusting
  • Do You Wanna Know -
  • Feels Like Rain - this is one of her most popular unreleased tracks. It was written with Kara Dioguardo
  • Goodbye - this is the first recording we have by Ke$ha. She was 13 and played the acoustic guitar on the song. It was a demo recorded to send to record labels. This is another one of her best songs.

Sunday Morning

Meet Me In Space

  • First Love
  • Hallucination
  • Honky Tonk Song
  • I'm the One
  • Innocence and Pills - this is one of Kesha's best songs. It features Patrick Carney of The Black Keys on drums
  • Let Me Go
  • Leave It Alone
  • Lovers In the Deep End
  • Lucky - this is one of Ke$ha's sweetest songs. It was co-written with her mom
  • Meet Me In Space - this is another one of my favorites. It was written for her current album Warrior but her label sadly rejected it
  • Paper Airplane
  • Save Me
  • Secret Weapon
  • Shots on the Hood of my Car - another fantastic Ke$ha track where she imagines an end of the world scenario. She will face the end with her best friends by her side. It was co-written with her mom
  • Strange Love
  • Suicide (Little Sad)
  • Sunday Morning - this country ballad is another of my all time favorite songs
  • Things Work Out My Way
  • This Love - this is one of my all time favorite songs as well. Ke$ha sold it to Australian duo The Veronicas when she was still an unknown singer-songwriter
  • True Love - this is one of Ke$ha's cutest songs. Katy Perry is rumored to have sung backup vocals on it
  • U Better Know
  • Vampire - this is a demo Ke$ha recorded to send to record labels. It was originally written and recorded by her mother when she was an aspiring singer. Both versions are excellent
  • While You Were Sleeping


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