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Little Mermaid Return to the Sea Reviewed

Updated on June 4, 2009

The Little Mermaid was a great movie that was released in 1989. Now the re-release of "Little Mermaid II Return to the Sea" has happened. Granted some people might not have even known that this original movie had sequels, I know that I did not until my daughter pointed it out in the store one day. If you have seen the original you will probably recognize some portions of the storyline, but it is well worth the money to purchase. Like most movies though this one does have pluses and some minuses.

The pluses are this is a great sequel for any fan of the original Little Mermaid movie. One of the noticeable pluses is you can quickly tell when you are watching this movie the advances in animation technology show. The motions of the people and animals in the movie are more fluid and life like. Granted the original movie was excellent for the available technology, but as with everything in life the technology is making this movie more lifelike.

Another positive that I really like about this movie is that the movie does follow up with the characters in the way that they were left in the original movie. You will see the main characters with a child and you will notice that the movie has an excellent plot line. The downside is the plot line follows very similar lines to the original plot.

The main positive though is that this movie brings back all of our original favorite characters. Now you know that some sequels do away with some of the original characters, but this movie does not. You will still have a connection with the characters and they are still as funny as what you remember before.

The soundtrack on this film is very cute as well. The songs while not going to be giving you something to sing all day at work will have you singing them after you watch the movie. So I would not be in any hurry to purchase the soundtrack.

The negative is the plot line does follow similar items. The similar items are that instead of trying to get out of the sea as in the original the little girl is trying to get into the sea. There is still an evil sea force as well which tries to take control of the Trident to.

Overall I would have to say that this movie is well worth the money for kids or lovers of the original movie. The pluses will far outweigh the negatives for you to enjoy the movie.


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