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Live Concert Review: Motley Crue, Poison, Comcast Center, Mansfield MA., July 19th 2011

Updated on September 24, 2012

Let me start by saying I am a long time metal fan and Motley Crue and Poison were both very popular with my friends and I way back in the 80's. And, let me add, it is no longer the 80's, but I was transported back there on Tuesday night at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA.

From the first notes played by Poison it was a party to remember. Although Poison's set was short, it was filled with memorable songs. From "Look What the Cat Dragged in," to "Nothing But a Good Time," they were energetic from beginning to end. Some of the other songs were "Unskinny Bop", "Fallen Angel" and of course "Every Rose has its Thorn."

Since I didn't have the best seats, I chose to walk in the aisle and watch the show from all different positions (Basically because if you stand still they make you keep walking!) Poison has not missed a beat after all these years. I have seen them many times and they never disappoint, Tuesday was no different.

Poison gets little respect from a lot of critics, but I still think they are a tight, polished band that still plays loud and just likes to have fun. Brett Michaels' vocals were very strong and Cee Cee and Ricky and Bobby sounded just as good if not better than back in the day. I was so tired from dancing and head banging that when it was time for Motley Crue to come out I was exhausted!

When Motley Crue came out they dropped the curtain quickly and broke right into the first song of the night. It was nice and loud with lots of explosions and pyrotechnic displays. Motley Crue has been one of my favorites for years, but they did play all their hits. Who can blame them, they have to try and please all of the people.

But as for me I just wanted to hear the great songs from the early albums. And they did surprise me with a song called "Public Enemy" which they played with all the little drum breaks that make it one of my faves. No Motley Crue show is complete without "Home Sweet Home", "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Wild Side", "Kick Start my Heart", "Primal Scream", and of course "Live Wire", and many others.

Vince Neil's vocals are not what they used to be and he doesn't seem to remember the words sometimes. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the show. The great guitar work by Mick Mars was outstanding and the great rhythm section of Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee were very good. As usual every song was highlighted by a lot of flames and explosions.

The highlight of the show had to be the elaborate drum effect. It consisted of the drums on a circular track that literally put Tommy Lee upside down and around and around! He even picked out a lucky fan to ride with him on the roller coaster-looking drum kit.

We didn't make it in time to catch the first act. I have never seen the New York Dolls and I was a little disappointed that I couldn't make it in time to catch their show. Needless to say I had to walk back to my friend's car and return to 2011. But at least for a few hours I was right back to the 80's.


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