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Live Theater - Commercial Free Entertainment

Updated on July 29, 2012

Mayfield Inn & Suites

Photography was not allowed during the performance; a picture from our room shows the view of another part of the building.
Photography was not allowed during the performance; a picture from our room shows the view of another part of the building. | Source

Live Theater - What to Expect

I have only been to a handful of live theater productions, but have enjoyed every one of them. There is something to be said about being in the audience of a live production. My latest attendance was July 22, 2012 which was part of a weekend getaway as a birthday gift.

Attending a Dinner Theater is not only rewarding in terms of being exposed to the Arts, but also in the fact it exposes ones taste buds to a whole new world. The selection of food is amazing; and we attended the brunch production. The evening show would have had a larger variety of foods, without the breakfast menu. I have always crinkled up my nose when the word "sushi" was mentioned, but I do have to say the salmon I had was decent. In addition to the sushi, a new taste sensation was mashed potatoes with cucumber. That was a combination of foods I never would have put together - ever. I do have to admit, it was interesting but good.

Mayfield Dinner Theatre

A marker16615 109 Ave -
16615 109 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 4K8, Canada
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The show we saw was called "Sylvia" with Cindy Williams (Kate) and Eddie Mekka (Greg) as part of the cast. Cindy and Eddie were part of the "Laverne & Shirley" sitcom that aired in the 70's.

It is not your everyday love triangle, but still a love triangle nonetheless. The show focused on the changing needs of the leading cast members when they made the transition from living in the suburbs to the city; a transition that was not as simple as they thought it would be.

The addition of a dog sent the couple spinning in different directions for some time, but it also made them realize she (Sylvia) was what they needed. The unconditional love of an animal brought them closer together after almost being torn apart.

The Benefits of Live Theater

My first exposure to live theater was when I was 18 and in High School. Our English class went to the Citadel in Edmonton Alberta to see MacBeth. I do not recall much of the production as it was many years ago, but I do remember thinking it was one of the best things about the class.

Shakespeare wasn't (and still isn't) the easiest to understand (hence the Cole's notes I had) but seeing the live production did make it easier. It also gave me an appreciation for the cast who put on such a great show.

If anyone hasn't been to a live theater production, I strongly recommend it. The cast works hard to provide entertainment to the audience. There are no do-overs in live theater; if a mistake is made, it has to be corrected right then and there, or covered in such a way that the audience doesn't even realize it happened. I do not recall any mistakes by anyone in "Sylvia"; if there were, they did a fantastic job of blending it in to appear as if it was part of the script.

In addition to the "no do-overs", live theater offers the benefit of no commercials. Any advertising done is printed in the information booklet which is given to each audience member. The booklets are often taken home and included in scrapbooks or files, and referred to long after the show date. The production is sponsored, but the audience is not subjected to boring or repeat commercials during the show. The only break is a 15 minute intermission, when coffee cups are refilled and any set changes are made.

In addition to the above, there are also minimal distractions from children. I do not recall seeing any young children at the show which was nice. I am not against children being exposed to live theatre but they must be well behaved. The show we saw had a "course language" warning, which may explain the lack of young attendees. With live theatre if you miss a bit, there is no rewind button so minimizing distractions is essential to benefit from the production.


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