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Free! Live police, Fire And Air Traffic Control Scanner Audio Feeds!

Updated on August 4, 2015

No Need To Buy a Scanner Device!

Free Live Police, Fire & Air Pilot Audio Feeds

If you're new to police scanners, or have been using them for a long time then here's something for you.. Here you will find links to live police and fire, and Air traffic control audio feeds from across the U.S. all free to listen to on-line, without the need for a "police scanner". See Video's Below.

From Alabama to Wyoming, the list is quite comprehensive and all live.

If audio is not your thing and you need to see something more visual, then this site will definitely be up your street. Here you will see the most shocking videos from drunken brawls, to drunken drivers to bank robberies to full on police shoot outs and is a must see here.

Click here for real recorded 911 calls.

All links will open in new window.

You can listen to Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots in the comfort of your armchair without the risk of jet lag. It can almost feel like you're actually on board.

Note: If you're using a pop-up stopper or blocker, you may need to disable it while browsing these sites to enable the launch of these external links/pages.

Police, Fire & Emergency Services - Listen From Your Computer

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