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Life as a celebrity

Updated on August 4, 2012

Life is tough on many people. There are people who have problems but you never know about it because they are able to keep it to themselves. For the most part this is just how we live our life normally, how would you feel if everyone knew what you did everyday of your life?

We get the People magazine weekly at our library and I read it. Just the way that the celebrities are followed daily makes me think if it is worth it to be in their shoes. The money that they make may help us wish that we lived the kind of life that they had, but most of their life isn't as private as they would like it to be. Now their every day outings are photographed and if they don't dress good or even their weight is talked about are made public.

Look at the many divorces that the celebrities have gone through. For example, take Cruise and Holmes, they have now made the news most of the time and their life isn't private even though they ask for privacy for their family. Sometimes even if they are just going out, it can be difficult to have a long relationship because they are always being followed or even photographed when they are going out on dates.

When it comes to being famous, one kind of loses their privacy and every step they make is recorded or they are just followed unless you are one to keep a low profile. So when you think about it, the money that they make is good but is it really worth it being a celebrity if you are going lose your privacy in life that you used to have?


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    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      As someone who deal with Celebrities, I have seen many of them having issues with privacy. Even when they want to take a peaceful walk at the Beach or do things normal people do, people flock around them making the task difficult. There have been times when we have used disguise to go for a coffee or dinner to discuss things. Anything a Celebrity does becomes news, so they have to be very careful what they do in public and private too (as there are many creeps who snoop over them). A Celebrity's life is definitely not an easy one!