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Liza’s At The Palace (and Las Vegas)!

Updated on October 2, 2009


If you haven’t read about my less than great experience when I went to see Liza Minnelli the last time she was almost in town, read it here first - And if you’re not aware of my Gay Icons tribute to Liza, you can see that here - Enough with the self promotion and on with the show, that’s right, after a not so swell experience seeing Liza earlier this year, she made her way back to Vegas, my mother got the comp tickets and last weekend there we sat, my mother, father and spouse, fifty feet away from the one, the only, Liza Minnelli! Liza’s At The Palace (and Las Vegas)! – Don’t Get Me Started!

We knew the seats were bound to be better than the last tickets we had to see her and although there was something strange about seeing the supposed same show twice in one year, there we were sitting in a booth in a Vegas showroom a mere fifty feet from the stage and as the music began, the curtain lifted to reveal the orchestra you could feel the excitement in the room and in each other (as we were rather squished in the booth). As they announced her and she came onto the stage I thought how wonderful she looked (and how nice to this time be sitting close enough to see that it was actually her and not as I said about the last time I saw her, “as far back as we were sitting it just looked like a sixty year old pair of eye lashes attached to a Liza wig.”). She looked great and when she opened that mouth of hers to deliver that first song there was a huge (yet silent) sigh of relief from my gang because while there’s no getting around the fact that she is older and sounds it a little, she’s still Liza and she can still belt out a number.

As I watched her go from number to number (oft times looking out at us and making it feel as though she was looking exactly at us as we were dead center) I thought about what it must be like to be Liza Minnelli. Take away her pedigree of her mother being Judy Garland and her father being Vincente Minnelli and just look at the body of work this woman has produced and you can’t help but be impressed. I think more than anything what struck me about her performance was that she was not only not hanging from some rope (hello Pink from the VMA’s), depending on lavish costumes (hello Lady Gaga) or having a bunch of dancers around her, when she sang each song it was from her heart. She was acting while singing every word. I think people tend to forget what a hell of an actress Liza Minnelli is but when you’re sitting that close and can see every nuance to her performance you realize, oh boy do you ever that what you have is a true triple threat (not the way they call people a triple threat now because they’re rappers, dancers and clothing designers). She won the Oscar for Cabaret but there’s so much more to this performer. I wondered if modern day performers understood what this woman has that they lack. I wondered if they thought they were doing (with their lip synced tracks, pyrotechnics and flashy production values) what this woman can do with one very carefully painted eye brow raise.

If I sound like a gushy queen or stereotypical gay man going overboard over a gay icon, I apologize but it’s something more than loving Liza (which I do), it’s about re-discovering what makes the true celebrities and stars truly worthy of those titles, compared to the supposed celebrities and stars of today. And for those of you who wonder why gays identified with Judy Garland and/or Liza all you have to do is hear them sing one song. Within one song you see and hear a resilient soul that has been through a lot but hasn’t lost its voice. When they sing they share their soul with you and that connection speaks to a lot of gays and straights alike. That’s what makes them great. When Liza sits on a chair and begins, “Maybe this time, I’ll be lucky…maybe this time he’ll stay…” you believe every word she sings and by the end of the song the hope she finds in the lyric you can’t help finding in yourself a little too, “Maybe this time, maybe this time, maybe this time I’ll win.”

If you have any opportunity to see Liza Minnelli’s “Liza’s At The Palace” run do not walk to see it because who knows how many of these iconic performers we have left and how many opportunities we’ll have to see them? Don’t miss out! Liza’s At The Palace (and Las Vegas)! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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