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Lizzie Miller

Updated on April 14, 2014

Representing the Average Woman

Lizzi Miller has been working in the modeling industry for over seven years representing what is considered the average woman -- size 12 to 14; but it was not until she appeared in the September issue of Glamour magazine (wearing nothing but a g-string) a few years ago, in what was otherwise a pretty small and inconspicuous photo, that this California girl gained national attention.

This full-figure Wilhelmina model is only in her early twenties and she is not letting the notoriety go to her head but using the time to educate and support the public opinion that there is nothing wrong with a curves and pooch if you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Lizzi Miller's not so average stats are: 5'11", 180 pounds.

Do you want to see more true photos of women in different sizes with all their pooch and curves visible?

Real or Retouched

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Three reasons to love Lizzie Miller

ONE - She is not afraid to show a little pooch!

TWO - She is a working plus size model.

THREE - She is a good spokes model for women of all sizes.

New! Music Video Appearance. - Move It Girl

Lizzie appears in this music video featuring Travie Mccoy and Tim William.

Lizzie Gets Swim Ready with Lane Bryant

Watch this short video featuring Lizzie and Ashley Graham's photo shoot for Lane Bryant's 2012 plus size swimwear.

The Image of Lizzie Miller

There is more to Lizzie Miller than what you see in the print ads she has appeared in and the following videos highlight her visual and verbal assets well.

Lizzie Miller
Lizzie Miller

Making It Official

Get social with Lizzie Miller on some of the most popular social networking sites.

After you visit her on Facebook, scroll down and check out her tweets.

Lizzie is signed with MUSE Model Management NYC. Have a look at her online portfolio.

Visit Lizzie Miller's official website.

Another Plus Model Bares All

Lindsay Miller is another working plus size model who has bared all in the past.

"Declare a Truce"

Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body
Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body

"In the up-front and honest style that has become the trademark of their blogs, they share with readers twenty-seven ways to reframe notions of dieting and weight, including: accepting that diets don't work, practicing intuitive eating, finding body-positive doctors, not judging other women, and finding a hobby that has nothing to do with one's weight."


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      SimonJay 3 years ago

      i Didn't know she was in a music video.