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Logan Film Review

Updated on March 5, 2017

Hugh Jackman is back one last time as the titled character, Logan, in this final installment of the Wolverine franchise. Also returning is Patrick Stewart as, Professor Xavier, the physic mutant behind the creation of the X-Men. Director James Mangold, 3:10 to Yuma, is at the helm this time to bring a sense of realism, and grit to this up, and down Marvel film series. It is sad to say that with the talented cast and crew behind this film, it really let me down. I know, crazy right? I mean everyone is loving this movie, so why not me? Well, let me tell you:

I will start off by saying that I really loved the first hour and ten minutes of this movie. It felt like a western. It was a great set up. It was brutal, and mysterious, and it incited you to go along in this journey following a tired, and beaten Wolverine. The film is set in the year 2029. Mutants are all but extinct. Only a hand full are still out there, and in his old age, Professor X has uncontrollable seizures that cause him to accidentally harm people around him with his physic abilities. Logan is making a living as a limo driver in the Southwest. He hides the Professor in Mexico with another mutant who watches over the old man as they give him medicine to suppress his condition. It is one day, Logan's dream to buy a boat so that him and the Professor can live out their days out at sea. Also, Logan is no longer healing like he use to, and he is aging quicker, he is worn down, and he's dying.

The plot kicks off when a Mexican nurse searches for Logan and finds him asking for his help. She has a little girl with her who is also a mutant. Professor X has been physically communicating with the little girl, and he has discovered a big and terrible secret. A government agency has been breeding mutants as soldiers, and this little girl who is an escaped experiment can heal just like Logan can. She was even implanted with the same metal claws.

By the second half I realized the movie was raising more questions than answering them. Then by the time we got to the third act, I was confused, and all the answers were automatically given to wrap things up in a nice little package before the credits started to role. Many subplots were introduced, but never realized. Many emotions were tossed in to give the illusion that this movie was about the characters. I felt much of the film's messages were forced upon us than letting them grow organically. At one point, Logan, the little girl, and the Professor meet a group of farmers, and they are invited to their house to stay after Logan helps them get their truck out of ditch. The Professor tells the grizzled Logan that it's all about family, and having home. Never expressing that want, and need in the first hour, he unexpectedly preaches to him, then that concept is never explored again leaving me to ask, "What is this movie about then?"

After that, Logan, and the little girl run into a group of Mutant children hiding out, trying to run across the boarder to Canada where there is a supposed sanctuary. In that brief five minute stretch of the film, the filmmakers wanted to force an emotional connection between Logan, and the little girl, by having him tell her about his "bad dreams." Throughout the entire film, he spent his time yelling at her, and annoyed with her, yet all of sudden he finds himself confiding in her to force tears at the very end of the movie when everything gets all mushy.

And I will stop here so I don't spoil the rest for you.

The grounded, western-like, movie was then invaded by a soulless mutant designed to look like Wolverine. Why? I don't know. In the context of the film there is no reason to have two Wolverines, one bad, and one good. They only did that because the character is famous to us as the audience, but in the story, Logan was one out of a million of mutants. Many with similar healing powers. Then you had the little mutant kids running around for the final act of the film, with crazy mutant powers just so the audience could clap, and cheer. Some of the action got needlessly brutal as if the studio was trying to say, "He look, we're making a rated R superhero movie!" It was fine at the beginning, but after you see Logan stab someone in the heart, and then face for the hundredth time, it's just overkill. Literally.

Those are some of my problems with the movie, and I could go on, but I would risk spoilers. See the movie for yourself. You probably would like it. The majority of people are. But I' am not one of them. I praise the start of the film, and I wish it would have continued in that style before crumbling on itself with unrealized subplots, rushed explanations, and rushed character development. Logan was disappointing, and if you agree please leave a comment below. If you disagree also leave a comment. I like a good argument bub!


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