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Logan 2017 Movie Review

Updated on October 16, 2017

Logan is a movie that came out in March 2017, it features Hugh Jackman playing his iconic role of X-Men Wolverine. But things have taken a bit of a downwards turn from the usual movies. In this one Logan is old, dying even. He has taken up a job being a limo driver to help pay for medicine for an aging and rather destructive Professor Xavier. All things were going as usual until a woman asks him for help, at first he refuses and then some bad things begin to happen.

This time we don't just get to see Logan slicing and dicing people like he usually does, now we get to see the more human side of him where he understands the complications of raising a child and how being so angry all the time and becoming a weapon for others isn't the best choice.

This movie does have a bit of violence and a bit of blood, some cussing and mildly suggestive themes so make sure you want to show your kids that. Other then that beware spoilers and I hope you enjoy this review.

Logan is now a aging, his healing factor which had slowed down his aging has weakened. He spends his day working in El Paso Texas being a limo driver to help buy medicine for his former colleague. Professor X now has seizures which when added with his Telepathic abilities makes harmful situations, such as killing all the X-Men a year prior to the events of the movie.

When a woman by the name of Gabriela Lopez comes to him seeking help he first refuses, then a man by the name of Donald Pierce shows up asking about the woman and a little girl. When Logan basically tells him to 'F' Off he does so but tells Logan to inform him if he sees the two girls.

Logan returns to his little place in Northern Mexico to see Charles Xavier, all hell turns loose when a young girl by the name of Laura shows up. Eventually we get to see that she has claws and a healing factor just like Wolverine. When Donald Pierce returns to get the girl Wolverine and his friends end up running away, their mutant friend Caliban gets captured and used to track the mutants.

From a Vegas Style Hotel to a small farm house in the country side the mutants travel down towards a special place called Eden but unfortunately somethings happen and some people die and then it is only Logan and Laura who travel towards Eden.

Eden is a makeshift home for young mutants who had escaped from the evil corporation that was turning them into weapons and that also were the ones who were tracking the three mutants. In the end Logan succumbs to his wounds and ends up being buried, when he dies Laura puts the cross that was on his grave on its side making it an X and somewhat making the audience know that he was an X-Men and still is one.

Transigen is the corporation that was making mutants and then making those mutants into weapons, Laura who was dubbed X-23 was given some of Logan's DNA making her into basically a miniature version of him but with more training. Transigen has quite alot of armed men which they use to track down Logan and the gang, even trying to kill them on a few occasions. They are the main threat of the movie and even use Caliban who can track mutants to track down the three.

X-24 is the clone of Wolverine basically, when X-24 murders the farm family and Charles him and Logan meet face to face and even Logan feels a bit confused when seeing a young version of himself. The two duke it out on two occasions, the first being on the farm and secondly when they meet at the finale of the movie. Both times Wolverine gets his butt handed too him and saved on both occasions the first being when the farmer drives his truck into X-24 and pins him against a wall and secondly when X-24 gets shot in the head with an Adamantium bullet and ultimately kills him.

Besides those there isn't any other conflict besides the internal conflict. One of which Logan at first does not want to help Laura, Charles continues to try and have Logan help Laura and then Laura is just in the background screaming like an idiot.

There is some conflict between Logan and Laura, the two have similar personalities but due to her young age Laura is a bit more unhinged with her temper and that has made the two come to blows in one part of the movie, well kinda Logan just gets hit.

The battle between Logan and X-24 kinda shows Logan what he was and how others must have felt when fighting him, even though X-24 seemed to be a bit more evil rather then just angry it definitely shows the audience that Wolverine is not the best person to pick a fight with, clone or otherwise.

The movie overall is a wild ride. We get too see a more elderly version of Logan, we get to see his relationship with Charles and it is rather close. We get to see Logan being somewhat of a father figure to Laura, even get to see some kid mutants whoop some butt.

The movie has sort of a slow pace at first, it takes a little bit of time for anything to actually begin but it is totally worth the wait indeed.

My only problems are Laura's constant annoying screams and the weird mix that put the X-Men comics into the actual world. Logan comments on how the events did happen but some were made up or misconstrued.

The end where Logan dies and eventually gets buried is rather sad and does get emotional, someone such as me who has loved the character for years and has had fond memories of him seeing him die fills me with a somewhat sad emotion but it just adds a bigger feel to the climax of the movie.


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