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Lollapalooza 2009 lineup

Updated on April 22, 2009

Lollapalooza 2009

 Lollapalooza 2009 is going to happen during August 7th through 9th, 2009 in Chicago's Grant Park. The various performers that were scheduled to play - the Lollapalooza 2009 lineup -  were finally announced officially. The Sun-Times, the Tribune and local bloggers around the area already reported most of the big six headliners and the coolest acts in advance of the Monday night martini-bar unveiling and official early Tuesday announcement.

Lollapalooza 2009
Lollapalooza 2009

2009 lineup of Lollapalooza music festival

 Three-day passes for the 2009 edition of Lollapalooza are already on sale. A limited allotment of three-day passes will be available at the lowest Early Bird price of $175 each and might have been sold out already. Lollapalooza event in 2009 happens during August 7-9 in Chicago’s Grant Park, and will have 130 performances over those three days. The 2009 lineup of Lollapalooza music festival was officially announced last week even though some of them were leaked previously on some blogs and newspapers.

Lollapalooza is an American music festival that has alternative rock, hip hop, and rock bands, dance and comedy performances. Lots of crafts and arts booths also can be found at Lollapalooza 2009 festival.  Lollapalooza has featured a diverse range of bands and has helped expose and popularize alternative groups such as Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Hole. Despite the rain in 2008, the weather in Chicago’s Grant Park was perfect 2008 Lollapalooza festival. It was  a perfect weekend to host the excellent and diverse lineup of music and artists. The park was kept in great condition as crews constantly walked around encouraging recycling and a cleaner environment.


Depeche Mode 


the Killers

Jane's Addiction

Beastie Boys

Kings of Leon (Country Rock)

Other Lollapalooza  2009 performers and lineup can be found at the Official Lollapalooza website.

Lollapalooza pictures

 Lollapalooza pic
Lollapalooza pic

The Kill (live @ Lollapalooza)

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